Local News Update

Principal Point to Ponder

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”

When I am asked what I make, my answer is always " I make a difference." I have tried to hold true to that saying through my career. Of course I will never turn down a raise or a bonus, or a free anything for that matter. I also know that we all have to pay the bills, put food on the table, buy clothes, get gas, have a working car, plan for retirement, etc...... BUT what really matters the most? Is it the things we get, or the things we give. I am not saying you have to start contributing to charities, or go online and start to donate your money to multiple sites, but what can we give of ourselves to improve others can make all the difference in the world.

How can we give our time to work with a colleague that is struggling with classroom management or analyzing data? How can we give our attention when we are in planning meetings, so that we are all in? How can we give or share our resources with others, so they can have them to deliver instruction with more fidelity? How can we share our solution orientated ideas with our team, so we can all succeed? How can we give that hug to that tearfully student, and pass all of our love to that child?

We all need to get, but the giving makes all the difference in the world.

Instructional Strategy of the Week

Have you seen the Anchor Charts in Ms. Lotts class. These charts are not only interactive, but they are colorful anchor charts for the students to understand the attributes of quadrilaterals. Anchor charts are key to what we do. We cannot just have one up from the year before and place it on the board. They have to be created with the class, so they are interactive and have meaning behind them. The children cannot simply learn it the first time that you teach it, but have to have a reference when they are working independently.

ELL strategy of the week

This activity is called "You Are the Teacher."

Students will learn important information by teaching it to other class members. In small groups, Students read or research a selection of text. They create a chart or poster, using words, illustrations, or a graphic organizer to arrange the information learned. Hang up the posters around the room. Members in the group decide who will remain at the poster to teach the next group, and who will move to the next poster. Pair beginning English speakers with more affluent speakers. Students going to the next poster, move in a clockwise rotation; the students at the poster teach other students the information on the poster. At each rotation, students decide who stays and who goes. Eventually students will end up back at their original poster. It is important that each final group report the key information from their poster to the class. It is critical that the content information be correctly taught by the students.

Acknowledgements and Reminders

* Shout out to Mr. Brown for sharing that womnderful article about teaching what is meaningful to our students.

* Kudos to Mr. Brynildsen, Mr. Nash, Mr. Brizz, Ms. Roper, Ms. Johnson, and Ms. Alston for presenting on close reading during this month's PD.

* Shout out to Ms. Watson and the support team that has helped with Truancy Court. We graduate five families on Monday.

* Shout out to the organizers of Doughnuts for Dads

*Shout out to the Kindergarten Family for teaming up on one of our "Little Rascals,"

* Congratulations to Ms. Montgomery and her getting married prior to the Thanksgiving break. (Mrs. Aaron I mean)

* Welcome aboard Ms. Jenkins the new Pre-k teacher

**Reminders- We are starting the 2nd round of evaluations this week. All certified employees will be receiving 3 evaluations and a summative this school year.

** Girls on the Run this Saturday 12/5 at 9am at 12202 Hambright Road, Huntersville, NC 28078

What to Expect This Week

Monday 12/7 (Day 2)

- Wear your school colors

- 1:45 Spelling Bee practice for the selected student from each 3-5 grade class

- Kindergarten Group A- take your students to the multi purpose room for specials (see Shephard or Ms. Lee)

- DR. Recess Assembly in the multi purpose room (3rd-5th 8am) (PreK-2nd 9am)

-MAPS 2nd grade Reading (Douglas, Goodman, Cooke, Blyden)

Tuesday 12/8 (Day 3)

- Tie Tuesday

- Spelling Bee grades 3-5- 9am in the multi purpose room

- MAPS 2nd grade Math (Douglas, Goodman, Cooke, Blyden)

- Kindergarten Group B- take your students to the multi purpose room for specials (see Shephard or Ms. Lee)

Wednesday 12/9 (Day 4)

- MAPS 2nd grade Reading (Flynt, McAdam, Porcayo, McSherry)

- Staff Meeting - 3:15pm -Ghost Walks

- Good News Club - students meet in the gym at 2:45

Thursday 12/10 (Day 5)

- NELC-V Visit and conduct walkthroughs - All media classes are held in the computer lab

- Girl Scout Meeting at 2:45-4

Friday 12/11 (Day 1)

- Wear Jeans and a college shirt

- MAPS 2nd grade Math (Flynt, McAdam, Porcayo, McSherry)

-Kindergarten Group B- take your students to the multi purpose room for specials (see Shephard or Ms. Lee)