Kaitlyn Slater



Interest is something a person enjoys doing or thinking about. 1.Cheerleading 2.Dancing 3.Volleyball 4.Running 5.Reading


Skill is the ability to perform a certain activity well.  1.Caring 2.Comforting 3.Interviewing 4.Motivating 5.Respect  A career I might like would be a Public Relations Specialist or a Paralegal


Values- Standards and beliefs one lives by. Values give you direction. Values are what you believe to be important. My top five life values are competition, excitement, friendships, honesty and leadership.  My top five work values are to help others, make decisions, travel, help society an dpublic contact.


Personality is the combination of attitude, values, interests and behaviors that identify a person. My hightest personality types are social and enterprising. This personality type attitudes, motivations, and behavior of the individual influence and are influenced by social groups. Some careers that would go with my persionality type would be a Restaurant General Manager or a School Psychologist.

My Learning Styles

My top Learning style is Kinesthetic learner. Kinesthetic learning is when learning takes place by the student carrying out a physical activity. Careers for this learning style would be a Group Fitness Instructor, a Sports Manager or a Phsical Therapist.

Brain Orientation

Brain orientation is the way one uses the two hemispheres of the brain. My brain orientation is left brain. A Computer Programmer, A Health Care Admistrator and a Accounant is all careers that tie to my brain orentation.

Things about me

I am involed in a lot of things, including FSJ volleyball, school volleyball, track, youth group at church, FCA, drill team and tumbling.