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I'm always on the lookout for apps which can make science learning fun, easier, more engaging, relevant, accessible and helpful to both teachers and their learners. This second collection of apps for iPhone/iPad hopefully continue to do just that (for Android users, there are often comparable apps available so hopefully this will provide some inspiration to go and find them if nothing else - feel free to add them in the comments section!).

Lesson Ideas

Lapse It


Record your own plants responding to light and touch. My friend and ex-colleague Andrew Holder of Harton Technolgy College in South Shields did this one using Lapse It just last week:

Space & The Solar System

Track the Sun moving across the sky?!

Track the path of a shadow around a fixed point?!


Track the activity in the school / garden pond over the course of a day. Does the pond weed move? Do we miss much animal activity?

My Health Checker

"Fit & Healthy"

BMI*, Pulse & Heart Rate, Lung Function, BMR*, Body Fat*

Getting your students to measure their own figures, compare them with each other and averages for their age range etc can be a really effective way of engaging them in thinking more carefully about fitness and health. But especially with *... please be sensitive to individuals within the class and make these kind of tests optional and encourage a degree of privacy when measuring weight etc.

The Human Eye

Both basic eye test and colour sensitivity can be measured with this app - again, leading to the opportunity to discuss and investigate further the causes of eye problems.

Reaction Times

A reaction timer (zit-popper!) is included which gives an average reaction speed based on the speed at which you can pop 100 zits - quite relevant for many of the KS4 pupils out there;)! This can link to fitness and health and also to nerve function and a comparison with reflex response times. The video below is also quite a good one to watch re reaction speed - I have done the same with a crisp £5.00 note and got away with it on all but one occasion (and that was just luck on behalf of my subject!).

Measuring Your Dumbness With A Ruler in SLOW MOTION!

Toon Toolkit

Anywhere you want students to create a storyboard, this app (once you learn the basics) is quick and easy and produces some great results. Link up to Twitter and you can publish away to your heart's content! Any lesson, any topic!

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