Robin Spratling

Dunwoody High School

About Me

I am currently a senior at Dunwoody High School and my favorite subject in school is Spanish or History. I want to do linguistics or diplomacy when I grow up because I love speaking to people from other places and I especially love to travel and learn about other cultures. I chose to take this course because I am interested in the subject area and I would also like to get more AP experience before I go to college. I expect this course to be challenging, but interesting as well. This is my first time taking a GAVS class, so I am excited, but nervous to begin because I have no experience with online courses and I'm not sure what to expect. I would like to attend college at Georgia Tech.


I love photography and I also enjoy running. I am a member of my High School's Yearbook and the Cross Country team. My favorite book is To Kill A Mockingbird and my favorite TV show is Grey's Anatomy.

I Love Taking Pictures of the World Around Me