The Engineering Mind

by George Grayson

Part 4: Quality


Quality of a product or service is is the ability to fulfill the customers expectations and needs. Higher quality products meet a criteria set by the consumers. In many marketing industries a standard of quality is implemented by an individual organisation such as the British Standards Institution (BSI).

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Quality Assurance or QA is in place to prevent and defects or mistakes when manufacturing products, which helps helps avoid problems when the service or product is delivered to the customer or clientele. It provides confidence that the quality requirements are reached, referring to planned and systematic activities implemented in the quality of a product or service.

Quality Control or QC is a procedure that intends to ensure that a product or service is to meet the requirements of the customer or clientele. The products are tested to find any problems. A management team will then make the decisions whether to allow the product to be released or not.

The affects of Quality Assurance and Quality Control within a business

Both quality assurance and quality control can have an affect on a business in numerous ways, such as; productivity, profitability, costs and customer satisfaction. If the company low quality materials, the systems can break down due to the low quality materials causing mechanical breakdowns, slowdowns and stoppages within the manufacturing process. The quality of a product can increase the profit within a company, by producing high quality products. The company would normally assemble a team where the main goal is to produce high quality products instead of considering the quality of a products after the design stage.

You have to spend a greater amount of money to produce products which use higher quality materials, which can have a negative affect on a businesses financial status if the product is not popular with the target audience. Also if you use cheaper materials and cheaper software it may save you money to begin with but further down the in the result could be costly. This would be due to machine breakdowns, system failure and bad customer satisfaction, overall costing the company more than when you first started up.

Customer satisfaction means you will have to produce the highest most possible products you can in order to keep them satisfied. If satisfied the customers will speak more positive about your company in turn creating a long lasting relationship. Both points assure that the quality of a product provided to customers will ensure that they are satisfied with not only the product but the company as well. Quality control will make sure that each and every product or service is checked before distribution by a management team ensuring that customers and clients will be satisfied with the product or services quality.