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Auggie Pullman

Via Pullman


Jack Will




The Astronaut Helmet

When Auggie was young He wore a astronaut helmet to hide his Exrodinary face. His dad did not like it though and he lost it. So his mom looked everywhere for it and eventually he just gave up looking for his astronaut hemate

Beetcher Prep Middle School

Auggie is just Starting out his new school year and he made two new friends Summer and Jack. Jack and Auggie had a big blow out where Jack said things about him on Halloween. But they are friends now. Summer sat at his table at the first day of school and she is so kind.

Home school

Auggies mom used to home school hime but she was very bad at fractions. So she decided to enroll him in Beetcher Prep Middle school. She felt that he needed a good education, and he is a very smart kid so he needs it.

how Auggie got Daisy

How: Auggies dad got Daisy Auggies dad was at the store and a homeless guy with his dog in a stroller and said "Hey do you want to buy my dog?'' So he bout the dog and took it to the vet right away and then he brought it home