Ryan Permanand

Academic Smart Goal

S- By the end of this semester I want to successfully pass my Math, Careers, English, and Media arts courses with at least a 70%

M- I am planning on passing all my courses through out high school with at least a 70%. In order to keep track on how well I'm doing, I'm going to get constant mark updates and feedback from all my teachers. However if my teacher does not have a ready mark update I I will go trough my individual assignments and compile all the marks to get a average mark on how I'm doing in the course. I also want to make sure I'm up to date with all my assignments and have all complete.

A- In order to achieve my goal, I'm going to proofread all my assignments and test before I submit them, avoid submitting my assignments late, and put time, effort and detail in to my work. I will also work on and practice techniques to avoid procrastination. I want to work on techniques to avoid procrastination because I ten to leave major assignments for last minute, however that`s not going to do any good for me. With my teachers giving me feedback on my assignments and work I submitted, I`d be able to better myself and correct those mistakes I made on future assignments to ensure I maintain a average above 70%.

R- In the future, I would like to become an aircraft mechanic. I think this goal is important because it falls under my interests. In order to achieve this I need to take grade twelve college Math and English courses completing high school getting my OSSD. I also need to take as many auto courses possible to gain experience using tools. This has been a goal I had set for myself ever since I began high school and have been working towards it ever since. I believe as long as i stay focused and keep moving up, I will achieve my goal.

T- I plan on receiving this average by the end of grade of grade 10 and successfully pass all my courses with a 70% or above.




To obtain the position, whereby I can utilize my education, work experiences and skill sets to offer selfless service and contribute towards your organization's mandate and goals


Summary Of Skills And Qualifications

  • A highly motivated and mature student with experience working with groups as a leader and individuals as a mentor.
  • Strong analytic skills and knowledge of multi-disciplinary approaches to problem solving.
  • Active volunteer with the Toronto District School Board (Assisting teachers).
  • Proficient in Windows 7, Vista, and XP as well as software packages such as Adobe Suite, Lotus and Microsoft Office Suite including MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel.
  • Committed to proper and transparent accountability of job related resources.


R&V Renovations

July 2014 – Present

General Help – Manual Labour

  • Assembling hardwood and laminating floor
  • Cut and installing tiles
  • Ability to follow instructions and meet deadlines
  • Working with power tools

Teacher Assistant/Help

September 2015 – Present

Assisting – TDSB Teacher (Summer School)

  • Help to maintain and create a respectful teaching environment
  • Demonstrating positive role model skills for younger students
  • Following and respecting the directions and instructions of the Teacher
  • Helping students that may have difficulty in various subject areas
  • Assisting younger students with computer logins and setting up programs
  • Assisting teacher with classroom clean-up and organizing



Centennial College - Markham, Ontario

  • Aircraft Maintenance Course - 2019-2022

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Louise Arbour S.S – Brampton, Ontario

  • Grade 12 - 2017-2018
  • Grade 11 - 2016=-2017
  • Grade 10 - 2015-2016
  • Grade 9 - 2014-2015



  • Mr. Singh, Principal, TDSB, 647-838-9871, 633 Bay st, Toronto
  • Mr. Dow, Media arts teacher, Louise Arbour S.S, 905-785-5361

Challenges And Solutions

Working as a Aircraft mechanic in the future is going to be a amazing job for me because my interests are automotive, engines, and planes. However Aircraft mechanics may come across or have some challenges they have to overcome or gain more skills at. According to my research, one of the biggest challenges aircraft mechanics have it to master is working at a fast past. Another challenge according to Airline basics is aircraft mechanics must be able to manage their components and tools, meaning they should have fast access to tools, be organized, and know where to find them for emergencies and working at a past pace.

To begin with, the first challenges I am discussing and how it can be solved/overcame is working at a past pace. An aircraft Mechanic’s job is to keep an aircraft in on peak operating condition, as well as perform procedures to fix or replace parts. The reason why aircraft mechanics have to work at a fast pace is because aircrafts will be coming in and out of the airport 24/7. Every flight that comes in needs to be inspected before it takes off again. Without aircraft mechanics working at a past pace, aircrafts will be waiting to be inspected and flights may be delayed because of this. Another reason aircraft mechanics must work at a fast pace is so that suitcases can be transported on and off the aircraft to avoid having the customers taking the flight wait. As a upcoming aircraft mechanic, to avoid this situation, I would find out the exact time the flight will be arriving. I would find out the exact time so I can have my tools and components ready ahead of time, therefore as soon as the aircraft arrives, I can begin the procedure of inspections.

Secondly, another challenge aircraft mechanics come across is failing to managing to their components and tools. Managing components and tools means to have fast access to tools and be organized. Aircraft mechanics should be able to manage their components and tools. If aircraft mechanics do not manage their tools or components, they may fail to complete or procedure or won’t be able to complete a procedure on time causing a flight to be delayed. Another reason aircraft mechanics have to keep their tools components and tools organized is incase of emergencies. If an emergency occurs with and aircrafts and the mechanic can’t find the correct tools to perform the procedure, that mechanic may not be able to keep their job.

In conclusion, an aircraft mechanic must master being able to work at a fast pace and master managing their components and tools to perform procedures on aircrafts, avoid flight delays, etc.