Nagle College Student

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Interview by: Folasade Penn-Gray

Derica Elogious is a year 9 Nagle student who has attended the school for three years, she is the youngest of her family and has two older sisters, one who attended the school and is now in university and the other being in Year 11. Her parents moved from India to Australia in 1994 and are very happy with the education provided by the Nagle College Community. I interviewed Derica and documented the experiences and thoughts of a present-day Nagle girl.

• Could you please tell us a bit about yourself and your family?

Well my name is Derica Elogious, I am 14 years old, I live in Quakers Hill, I’m in Year 9 and my nationality is Indian. I have my mother and my father and I have two older sisters, one that’s in her third year of university and the other is in Year 11.

• Are your Parents from overseas, if so why did they move to Australia?

Yes, both my parents are from India and they came here in 1994. They moved to Australia mainly for a better education for my sisters and myself, and because the life style here is much better than back home.

• Are schools in Australia different from the school your parents went to? How so?

Yes, schools in India are much more stricter, the teachers don’t really care about the students and the expectations there are much lower.

• Did you enjoy your younger years of schooling? Why? Why not?

I loved my younger years of schooling, it was a very good foundation to my education and I have a lot of memories there.

• Was Nagle your first high school option? Why? Why not?

Nagle was my first high school option, my older sister attended a different high school and the expectations there weren’t very high and my middle sister had come here from year seven so Nagle was my first high school option.

• Why do you and your parents like Nagle so much?

Well, the reputation here is very high, whenever we see other Nagle girls they’re always very pleasant and they also have very high grades. Just the community here is fabulous.

• Is there anything about Nagle that you would change?

No big changes, Nagle is very open to many things that each student desires but maybe like a few more sporting teams or opportunities and more extra-curricular activities for us to participate in.

• What makes Nagle different from other schools?

Well Nagle - their reputation is very very high, whenever you see like HSC results Nagle is always one of the top few - so that’s academic wise and other than that, all the teachers, all the students are very nice and they're always very friendly and welcoming.

• From what you remember, has Nagle changed much from when your older sister attended the school?

Well not much in the sense, but there have been more changes for the better. They have more options for electives and they’ve gotten better teachers to support the students.

• How would you describe yourself as a student?

As a student I think I am very hard working and I’m committed. I don’t like to take my education for granted and I like to reap all the benefits I can at this age so it can help me in the future.

• Do you have any favourite teachers? If so, Who?

I don’t really have any specific favourite teachers most of the teachers I have had have been very supportive and understanding. For example, I had Mr. Gouley last year for mathematics and he was very organised and he always helped us with revision and so I think teachers like that are fabulous.

• What are your favourite subjects?

My favourite subjects would be, probably maths and religion. I love them both because they are very easy to understand and there are so many more aspects to learn, there’s not just that one group to write down.

• Does your religion in any way relate to you attending Nagle?

Yes, I’m a Catholic – I’ve always been and so to my family and to me it’s very important that I attend a catholic school where all the Catholic teachings are influenced to the students and Nagle has been very high acclaimed for their Christianity teachings so yes.

• Would you ever – if you had the chance, attend a public school?

I don’t think I would attend a public school because religion isn’t a big factor there and that’s really important to me and my family, so I don’t think that would be an option for me.

• From sources outside of Nagle, I’ve been told it is a strict school. Do you agree? If so, how is it strict? If not, how isn’t it strict?

Well, if others think Nagle is strict it might be in the sense that we don’t tolerate bad behaviour and that we always want the best from each student, but to me as an actual Nagle student I don’t believe that they're strict because I’ve never been pushed to a limit where I couldn’t go and I’ve always been supported throughout my entire schooling years.

• Do you like Nagle rules – in terms of uniform presentation?

Yeah, I think it’s very presentable. Not only do we look great in front of other schools, in front of other people it’s that it shows that we’re proud of our own school and I think that’s amazing.

• Are Nagle girls nice?

Yes, Nagle girls are really really nice. Even when I’ve been in primary school I’ve always admired Nagle girls because they were just so welcoming and so friendly. I remember when I was little I was at Blacktown station and I fell down some stairs and my knee was bleeding and no one was really looking at me because I was little but these two Nagle girls came and they helped me with my knee and everything and I always remember that.

• Do Nagle girls practice their motto? If so, do you have an example?

Well our motto is “in deed, not word” and I think that we always practice it every day – throughout our academic perspective but actually going out there into the community. There’s the Vinnie’s van that my oldest sister did when she was in her senior years and I thought that was amazing. Also for the winter appeal I’m in the knitting club so we’re making little squares and making blankets for those who are homeless this winter, so yes.

• What do you want to do when you finish school, and do you believe Nagle can help you achieve everything you need to get your aspiring career? How?

Well I really want to attend university, I feel like that would really help me to kick start my career and I really want to study law – so I want to become a lawyer not even just a lawyer just in the law fraternity. I feel like that would really suit me. I actually do believe that Nagle can help me as many of the girls that I’ve seen from HSC have come back and told me about their further education and their career, it’s always been “Nagle has helped me so much” and “I wouldn’t have done it without Nagle” so I really think Nagle can help me and I think it already is helping me to know what I want to do.

• Would you – in the future, send your girls to Nagle?

Yes I would, I think it would be an amazing school for them and they’d fit in so well and I’m sure by that time, when I have children they’d all be really happy there.