The 12 Genres


Autobiography: is a genre written by the same person that the book is about.


Biography: Is a genre written by someone who wants to write about another person.


Memoir: is a literary nonfiction genre. It is a book of memories.

Realistic Fiction

Realistic Fiction: is a genre that isn't real, but could be true.


Mystery:is based on a crime. Sometimes a suspicious thing happens in the plot and a Detective figures the mystery out.


Fantasy: Is not real. It also deals with magic, magical creatures, and takes in an imaginary place.

Historical Fiction

Historical Fiction: Is where the story takes place in the past


Adventure: normally has risks (most likely physical risks and may have suspense and it may have a sad part that may or may not be fixed for example someone could fall off a cliff and other character will think they’re dead but may the character actually survived and meets up with them later in the story


These types of books are mainly focus on the relationships and unconditional love. Also, these books most have a optimistic ending.


Description of genre (in your own words):Humor is written to be in an amusing manner.


Thriller: Uses suspense, excitement, and spine-chilling for it’s main elements.

Science Fiction

Science Fiction: is futuristic and may include space travel,time travel,distinct universes, advanced technology, and aliens universe