Wallstreet StockBroker

By: Collin O'Hearn

What is a StockBroker

StockBrokers are people who buy and sell securities on a stock for clients. So what does that mean? StockBrokers provide investers with information about the stock market and what they should invest their money in for the exchange of a price. StockBrokers used to be only available for the rich, but with the growing internet people are now able to trade in the stock market for a fraction of the price without the personal advice and interaction of a flu time broker.

How to become a StockBroker

To become a stockbroker you do not need a phd or a masters degree in anything, it helps but is not required. You a required to pass an exam administrated by FINRA it is a series 7 and series 63 exam. After passing these you become a registered broker and obtain your standard securities license. You can take extra exams after to enhance your license which attracts more clients. Although a formal education is required most firms look for brokers with at least two bachelors degrees in the area of business and finance


Most successful stockbrokers make up to 160-200,000 annually, the average salary of a new stockbroker is 80-100,000 although some stockbrokers who are very successful can make up to more than 500,000 a year.

Why i want to be a stockbroker


-I find stocks interesting

-i am good at convincing people

-i am loud

-i enjoy talking to people and getting to know people (clients)

-More money if you are Jordan belfort

Why I might not want to be one

Very sedentary job. Not a lot of physical activity and you a tied down to office for hours on end. Can become very stressful

Employment outlooks

-head of a firm

-manager of floor (within a firm manages a set group of people)

- bank opportunities

- can lead to becoming a investor.

Why I might not be good at it.

I am not the most patient person ever and people on the phone aren't the smartest. Can get very repetitive day after day without a break from it.

Tentative decision.

If I was offered a job today at a firm to work as a stockbroker I would take it. It is really good money and is a great job that opens up opportunities to many different jobs.

Fun fact

Stock brokers hate being called brokers because people infer that they lie and make people invest in dumb things and loose their money when are they are, are salesmen that sell stocks to people.