Taking 2016 By Storm

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This Week

Hope you all had a wonderful break! It was a whirlwind of a week at school, with the weather changing constantly and everyone getting back into the swing of things. We had a new student, Jonah, start on Monday! We continued our winter theme during art time by making polar bears and penguins, painting with glittery snow, and decorating mittens. In addition, we played snowball toss, made cotton ball snowmen, and made snowmen with the letters in our names. We also matched letters and shapes on penguins and sorted small, medium, and large penguins.

During speech time, we read "Ramon Plays on the Playground," labelled objects and put them in different categories, read about farm animals and their sounds, and practiced prepositions by putting different animals on the farm. In P.E., we passed the beanbag around in a circle and pretended to be airplanes. We sang songs about feelings during music. We enjoyed the police station dramatic play center and driving cars around on the mat. On the playgrounds, we played basketball, walked on stilts, and participated in various parachute games with our friends from Room 4!

Next Week

Next week, we will be diving deeper into our January community helper theme. We will have a special guest, Rada Rabbit, visiting on Thursday!

**If anyone has found a Spiderman and/or blue water bottle in your child's lunchbox that does not belong to you, please return it as soon as possible. Some items have gotten a little mixed up. Thank you.

Have a great weekend!