Womens Soccer Concussions

By Sophie Good 1/6/16 Mrs. Wasser Period 1

How can i create a presentation that will inform people of the dangers of soccer and concussions?

Concussions are very dangerous. Soccer is a sport with a lot of them. Women don't have as strong necks, making women's soccer one of the most common places to get them. I chose this topic because i believe that concussions are dangerous and people need to be aware of them, and because i am a girl and i play soccer, and i would like too research more for the safety of me and my teammates. How can i create a presentation that will inform people of the dangers of soccer and concussions?

How to prevent Concussions

What is a concussion anyway? A concussion is a "mild traumatic brain injury" and it comes when you hit, or are hit in the head hard. It's important to try to prevent concussions before they happen, instead of worrying about how you can feel better after you get one. To help prevent concussions, you can make sure you or the player knows how to properly head the ball, as heading the ball is one of the most common causes of concussions in soccer. Make sure the soccer balls are properly inflated, and your player knows the proper soccer etiquette to avoid aggressiveness. If you get a concussion, be sure to get plenty of rest. Don't get back into the game to quickly, or you could experience long term side effects, such as headaches, and memory loss.

Be safe while playing!

Ouch! Concussions

"Soccer is the number one cause of concussion for female athletes." this quote from Chris Nowinski, executive director of the Sports Legacy Institute in Waltham, Massachusetts, says it all. Every concussion is serious, and can result in blood loss and dead skin cells. The thinner the skull, the more likely to get injured. Although concussions are dangerous, girls don't want to be sidelined from the sport they love! Some Girls "Have struggled with depression since leaving soccer" Some girls are hit where it hurts, and it isn't just physical pain. Many girls belong on the field, but can't play because of the number of concussions they get. I think it is very important to try to reduce concussions in girls soccer, so girls can continue this fabulous sport.
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