The Head's Herald

August 2019

The Year of Growth

Each year, I like to assign a theme to represent the school year. It helps to keep us all focused, to gear each day toward a common goal, and to assist us in effectively working together.

This year's theme is Growth.

We are blessed with 20+ new families who have caused our Jaguar family to grow. It's important to help these new family members feel welcomed, informed, and nurtured. Please reach out, and make sure they feel at home. And, of course, continue to refer more families to us. (Remember, there's an incentive for referrals!)

Professional growth is occurring amongst our faculty and staff this year. We are participating in a year-long book study/training using The Growth Mindset Coach. This is bringing us together even more as a cohesive team. What we are learning is helping us in our classrooms, with students and families, and even on personal levels.

Growth is a necessary part of life. If we don't push ourselves to try and learn new things, we won't grow as individuals. This translates to our students... It's okay for them to try and to fail. Mistakes are proof that you are trying. No one is perfect; no one wins or succeeds at everything. We should try everything, even though we could possibly fail. Failure helps us grow.

This reminds me of the song from Disney's Zootopia. I remember hearing it when the movie came out several years ago. It resurfaced in my life this summer when I was putting together a playlist for my family's end-of-summer jaunt to Walt Disney World. The lyrics immediately stood out to me, since I've had growth on my mind all summer.

I'm including the lyric video below. Watch it with your child(ren). Let's participate in this year of growth together. After all, coming together as a family is one of the wonderful things about St. Joe's!

With love, gratitude, and appreciation,


Zootopia - Try Everything (Lyrics, Shakira)

August Snapshots

September Events

11 - Honor Code Chapel @ 8:05 AM in Church

13 - Back to School BBQ (5:00 PM - 8:00 PM)

17-19 - STAR Reading/Math Testing (Grades Two through Eight)

21 - H.I.T. Corp Relay (

23-27 - Homecoming Week (Themed Days TBA)

24 - High School Fair (6:30 PM - 8:00 PM) in Gym

26 - Spirit Night @ Chick-Fil-A (Boynton Beach Blvd.) ~ 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

27 - First Quarter Interims; ECA Ice Cream Social @ 10:45 AM

29 - Blessing of the Animals @ St. Joe's Church