November 2019 Newsletter

Principal Lillian Perez

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A Message from the Principal

When was the last time you stopped to really acknowledge the things you’re thankful for? There’s a whole host of reasons why we should make gratitude a daily practice — research has shown that being thankful confers a whole host of health benefits, from improved immune systems to feelings of connectedness, and even higher team morale. We are thankful for our students, staff, and families at San Onofre School and here are some other reasons to be thankful according to research:

1. Good for the heart

2. Good for the immune system

3. Reduces stress

4. Strengthens relationships

5. Improves sleep

6. Higher grades

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Important Dates in November 2019

Important Dates in November:

November 1- Fall Festival

November 8- Flag Ceremony- Veterans Day Celebration

November 11- Veterans Day

November 22- Report Card Go Home

November 25-29- Thanksgiving Break

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San Onofre Playground

We finally opened our new playground and our students love it! In about a month we will be able to open the field where we will set up some fun activities for our students. We are going to start with morning running/walking programs as students arrive at school to get their hearts pumping. Each classroom attended training on the new playground rules and procedures. We are still fine-tuning the number of students on the Big Toys a time to keep all students safe. We love our new playground!!

San Onofre School has Panther Pride!!!

Student Leadership

Here is one of our many Lighthouse Teams. The Broadcast team will share videos and articles throughout the year to highlight what makes San O special. We're so proud of our leaders! #SanOPantherPride

Here's the introduction that they wrote:
Hello! We are the San Onofre School’s Broadcast Lighthouse Team. Our job is to spread the news about all of the awesome people and events at our school. Our team will interview important people that help make our school great. We will also write about the amazing things that happen at our school. We hope that you learn a lot about San Onofre School.

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Meet Mrs. Perez

Our Broadcast Lighthouse team's first interview is with Mrs. Perez. Each month, they will select a different staff member to highlight. Keep a lookout for next month's interview.
Meet Mrs. Perez