Anchor Leader Newsletter - May 16, 2016

Summer Is Coming!

As I write this, I'm sitting in my classroom, which used to have 30 students in it during this period--but now that our seniors are gone, it's completely (save one straggling junior) empty. To me, this is the first sign every year that summer is upon us, and this year that means something special. It means that the ministry that was dreamt up over a year ago in the Young Careers Hope Group, that has been on our hearts since almost the beginning, that went through the planning stages twice with two different discipleship pastors, that was cloaked in deep prayer and deep thoughts and planning, which had a successful kickoff trivia night this past spring--this ministry is finally getting off the ground and moving into "full-swing" territory.

As the weather starts to warm up (what was that weather yesterday?!), we need to be even more acutely aware of how our fire for Jesus can impact those around us. Are we keeping it hidden, only letting it out when there are other people with the same fire around us? Or are we using it to warm and heal a cold and broken world? Because the salvation that comes from Jesus brings healing; it's the most important gift we can give someone. Comedian and atheist Penn Jillette was once handed a New Testament by a Christian, and while that didn't change his mind on the existence of God, it made him deeply respect this man for wanting to share what he believed he had, the most precious gift of all. Penn remarked, “How much do you have to HATE somebody to believe everlasting life is possible and not tell them that?” Isn't that the truth? We all have those in our family, our friend circles, who are not believers. Let's let our lights shine, because we have the most wonderful gift--and it's nothing of ourselves, it's all because of the grace of God.

Love you all,


Upcoming Events

Meeting Review - May 13, 2016

Leaders Jen McFadden, Lauren Muniak, Weston Muniak, Sean O'Connor, Jeff Weinschreider, Kayla Woods, and Leah Woods were joined by high school transition leaders Jonny and Jess Gonzales at the Muniak house at 8:45.

We discussed that Leah would be taking the role of college ambassador, helping to create excitement and engagement for our college students. We are excited to have her on board!

We finished our preparatory conversations regarding the cookout on Saturday. Everyone appeared to know their roles. Please contact Kayla if you're still unsure what's expected of you!

We introduced our roles and expectations as table leaders for the upcoming summer study. Despite being a summer in which many of us are moving around and very busy, we should be able to provide leadership each week during the summer. The relevant spreadsheet we looked at is in the Bible Studies folder in our shared Google Drive folder.

We spent a little time discussing the potential of a trip to Germany next summer! Weston is finishing up the potential itinerary, then he will get back to everyone to start looking at dates for this trip. The cost will be somewhere around $1900, hopefully a bit less.

Long and late meeting, but hopefully it was worth it!

Love you all! See you on Saturday.