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Katie Hannan


When I bought my new house I brought along a old friend with me too. I brought my 2 year old French Bulldog named Willie. I had Willie since my junior year in high school. Willie is known for his love of napping in bean bags in front of the fire place or a heater, his cuddliness and how he snores when he is asleep. My parents bought Willie at Pet land in Athens Ohio. As soon as we walked in the store we saw a tiny blonde frenchie, me and my mom ran to the window to see him, we quickly found a employee to take him out of his kennel so we could play with him. As we watched him slide and run around on the floor, we knew that we were going to get him. So around 6 p.m we were buying Willie, he costed too much... so we bargained him down. After a year of owning Willie everyone in my house knew he preferred me more than any one else, so they let me take him after i graduated college.


I am a teacher at Finland Elementary in Columbus Ohio. I teach 3rd grade. When I was younger I attended the school, so as soon as i got out of college i applied for the 3rd grade teacher position and got it! The school is very friendly and is around a great neighborhood. The students are friendly, smart and well-behaving. I enjoy working at Finland Elementary.


In my high school years(2011-2015) my grades were great and my GPA was above 2.8. I accelerated in history, mathematics, and English. In my junior year of high school I volunteered at the Humane Society in Hillard Ohio, I volunteered to help the shelter and animals and also to put this on my resume. When I graduated from Grove City High School in 2015, I applied at Columbus State Community College and took Early Childhood Education classes for 2 years, after graduating from there I moved out of my parents house and moved into a house I bought and attended Zane State college and took Early Childhood Education again for 4 years.

My Home

After i Graduated from Columbus State Community College I bought a decent looking house, I wasnt satisfied with the looks of it so I remodeled the house and I began to save money and start being a extreme couponer. After 3 years of living there the remodeling was done (the picture is what it looks like now) The house now has a master bathroom with a jacuzzi. The bed room has a walk in closet, the walls were repainted to be more modern colors and the carpet was replaced with wood flooring.