Mango in Winter

by Juditha Dowd

August 30, 2013 News Release

Grayson Books is delighted to announce the publication of Mango in Winter by Juditha Dowd. Juditha Dowd’s poetry has appeared in The Florida Review, Cider Press Review, Kestrel, Spillway and elsewhere. It has been featured by Poetry Daily. She is the author of three chapbooks and is a member of Cool Women, a poetry performance ensemble.

These luminous, beautifully crafted poems leap from one stunning detail to another, facing hard truths and recounting haunting narratives of an ailing mother, a learning-disabled daughter, and a strong marriage…She celebrates a perfect mango found in a backstreet shop, yet in the same poem reminds us that our lives have been “flayed open,” a claim this book fearlessly demonstrates.

~Barbara Daniels, author of Rose Fever, Black Sails and Quinn & Marie.

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