This Month in Speech and Language

January 2017

January Theme

We had a lot of fun learning about winter this month. We made snowman faces, a snowman book, learned about things that go with winter and summer, read "Polar Bear, Polar Bear", and played polar bear bingo! We learned new vocabulary, practiced following directions and answering questions, and practiced taking turns.

Skill of the Month


When things are organized, you can find what you need quickly and know where things go once you’ve obtained them. The same is true for learning . Understanding how things go together allows us to better learn and remember new concepts and vocabulary words. Knowing the names of categories can also increase our ability to describe.

Category Activities:

*When folding laundry, help your child see that all the socks go together, shirts, etc.

*Talk about categories when playing. When playing with toy animals, sort them into farm animals, zoo animals, and pets.

Picking up toys is a natural time to sort and label categories.

Dates to Remember

Parent-teacher conferences are coming up February 4th and 5th. Feel free to stop by! If I am attending a conference, I will let the office know when I will return.

Conversation Corner

· When your child starts a conversation, give your full attention whenever possible.

· Make sure that you have your child’s attention before you speak.

· Acknowledge, encourage, and praise all attempts to speak. Show that you understand the word or phrase by fulfilling the request, if appropriate.

· Pause after speaking. This gives your child a chance to continue the conversation.