Super Saturday Mornings at SERESC

SERESC is celebrating its 40 years!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Check-in and Continental Breakfast at 8:00 am


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Exploring The Common Core “Habits of Mind” for Mathematics

with Cherrie Fulton

Sponsored by SERESC

A combination of content standards and “Habits of Mind” will help 21st Century students be prepared to enter colleges, careers and the global economy. This workshop focuses on the Habits of Mind of mathematics, also named the Mathematical Practices of the Common Core. Find out how these practices can be smoothly incorporated into lessons at all levels, K-12.

Differentiate to Engage, Enrich, and Excite… Make Every Student an Active Learner

with Deborah Kolling

Sponsored by SERESC

Learn practical implementation of best practices that improve instruction by addressing the various learning styles, interests, and readiness levels of students. Participants will return to their classrooms with new and practical ways to get to know their students better and engage their students to a higher level, making every student an active, achieving learner.

Implementing NH CCR Standards What Teachers Need to Know and Do: Teaching Close Reading

with David Pook

Sponsored by SERESC

Grades 6-12 teachers learn how to teach their students to employ close reading practices, a key challenge of implementing the NH College and Career Ready Standards based on the Common Core. Leave with teacher friendly tools to successfully implement standards in classrooms, schools and districts.

Let’s Take a Test! Released Item Analysis Smarter Balanced’s Math Assessment K-8

with Betty Erickson

Sponsored by SERESC

Learn more about the depth of knowledge required for students to show what they know of new Mathematical Practices and Standards of the Common Core.

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