Jackson's Presidency

Hero? Yes!

"Jacksonian Democracy" (Expanded Suffrage)

The Jacksonian Democracy is how Jackson expanded democracy. His way of expanding was by letting all white males be able to vote. The original way you were able to vote was by being a white male that owned land. Neat fact: Jackson barely was able to pass the bill through the Executive Branch.

Nullification Crisis

The Nullification Crisis was a crisis that if not resolved then South Carolina would have seceded from the U.S. Lucky Andrew Jackson was able to come to a conclusion. The Crisis was about how South Carolina saying that the import tariff was to high and they wanted it to be lowered. At first Jackson said no and put the Force Bill in effect. The Force Bill was that the tariff must be paid or else you loose everything you own. South Carolina refused the bill and threaten the secede from the U.S. After a while Jackson decided it was best to lower the bill for the greater good of the country.
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Indian Removal Act

The Indian removal act sounds and looks bad but Jackson was really just trying to tell Indians that the anglo settlers would kill them. He did this to prevent as much contact with the Indians as possible. The only thing he did wrong with this was that he didn't supply them with resources to make the trip to there new home. I think that he didn't give the supplies to the Indians to show that he hates them because majority of the people hated them and he wanted to be president for another term.
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