Speight Technology Bulletin

Week of December 14th - December 18th

What's up this week at Speight Middle?

Events or times may be subject to change as the week progresses. :)

Monday, December 14th

  • ELA dept meeting after school.
  • Finish up any common assessments/make ups

Tuesday, December 15th

  • Band Concert tonight!
  • Science dept meeting

Wednesday, December 16th

  • Progress Reports
  • Cougar Career Clubs 10 - 11
  • Christmas Partay @ Mrs. Norris' house 4 - ?

Thursday, December 17th

  • Data due

Friday, December 18th

  • Early Release!!
  • Data binders due
  • Have a happy and restful winter break!!! See you January 4th, 2016!! :-)
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The following students have iPads out for repairs this week:

  1. Katlyn Drew
  2. Wesley Battle
  3. Nathan Coley
  4. Marisol Chavez
  5. Austin Denton
  6. Harley Tyson
  7. Alexandra Aguilar
  8. Kanijah Finch
  9. Denise Leal
  10. Jahras Taylor
  11. Tristan Little
  12. Jazarias Joyer

Please continue to encourage your students to handle these devices with care. We've had a lot of cracked screens lately!
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The following iPads are ready to be picked up from the library:

  1. Karla Bautista
  2. Cassandra Millan

Please remind them to bring their iPad cases and their loaner iPad if they had one.

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Quadrant D Questioning

Ask questions to predict, design, create

 How would you design a __ to __?

 How would you compose a song about__?

 How would you rewrite the ending of the story?

 What would be different today, if that event occurred?

 Can you see a possible solution to__?

 How could you teach that to others?

 Which resources would you use to deal with__?

 How would you devise your own way to deal with__?

 What new and unusual uses would you create for__?

 Can you develop a proposal which would_?

 How would you do it differently?

-Thanks to Ms. Ruffin for providing this week's classroom strategy! :-)

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Technology Tip of the Week - Pear Deck

Pear Deck is like nearpod and socrative/tap it put together! You can use pear deck to create interactive presentations. Students are given a code to join your presentations, and you can embed questions and see your students' answers for quick feedback and engagement. Visit www.peardeck.com and watch the 45 second video on how it works! The best thing is that it connects to your Google Classroom!

iPad Accessories Ready for Pick Up

Please send kids highlighted in Green to pick up their paid accessories. Thanks!


A peek into our STEM activity last week

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Attention, Attention!

If you have any important info that you need displayed on the Speight's webpage or Facebook page, please let Ms. Baugh know! Parents have been looking at our webpage and our Facebook and we want to keep them informed!

Also, if you're incorporating technology into your lessons, please take some pics and share them with me! I can add them to our newsletter and school website! Thanks! :-)