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Today i am researching ROSA PARKS. She made a big change in our lives. Rosa is a good responsible leader.

birth and family

Rosa was born Febuary 4th 1913 Tuskegee,Alabama. Rosa died at age 92. Her dads name was James her moms name was Leona her brothers name was Sylvester. Rosa parks died October 24 2005.

childhood and education

Rosa went to a local school for african-american children where her mother was a teacher. Also her mother wanted to have her get high school education. She attended the Montgery industrial school for girls.

college and career

Rosa's career was fighting for equal rights. She went to college but had to drop out because she had to take care of her grandma that felt ill. She went to a AL,state college. Her occupation is fighting for civil rights activist.

accomplishments and leadership

Rosa parks helped blacks and whites and did civil rights. Her leadership was helping followers and asking them do they want to be seperated or not.

why you feel this person is a leader

Rosa made it easier to not be judge by people. Rosa also stood up for herself and didn't care if people judged her by her skin color. Rosa made blacks and whites feel cared for. Rosa also made a difference in life.


Rosa's sun sign is Aquarius. Rosa's epitaphs is Mother of civil rights movement.
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Story Of The Bus Boycott

At the Bus Rosa was leaving and the supervisor said why would u stay home I know your mom is doing poorly. A man said give me those seats so Rosa looked up in surprise. So Rosa moved because she didn't want any trouble going on. After that Blake yelled keep it easy on your self! Then Rosa said why do you pick on us so much.At the end of the fight Blake threatened to call the police.But Rosa didn't like fighting but she kept going even when it was the end of the fight so she said do what you must because she wasn't scared of the police.
Rosa Parks Story (Educational Videos for Students) Rosa Parks for Kids (Watch Cartoons Online) CN
The Story of Rosa Parks

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