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Math + Arts

Looking for lessons that will inspire students to do math? The Math + Arts lesson plan collection for grades K-8 has just been added to PBS Learning Media.

The KET Arts Toolkit Videos Now Available on PBS LearningMedia!

We are happy to announce that the Visual Arts, Dance, and Drama Arts Toolkit videos are now a accessible on PBS LearningMedia. Music Arts Toolkit videos will soon be available, as well. As of right now, this just includes the video with a background essay, discussion questions, and a few activities. We know several of you have been asking for this to be included online. More to come!

Arts Toolkit BOGO Sale!

The Arts Toolkits are jam-packed with lessons, videos, vocabulary, and background information for teaching the arts. We are offering a toolkit special. Buy a Dance, Drama, or Music Arts Toolkit for $99 plus $8 shipping and get one FREE! Ordering information here.

KET Arts Toolkit

Teaching history and culture through the arts is an excellent way to keep your students engaged. The KET Arts Toolkit provides cross-curricular connections in the many lesson plans that accompany the four toolkits (one for each arts discipline). See your library media specialist to locate these toolkits in your school. The KET Arts Toolkit website contains additional lesson plans, "This Day in the Arts," and a Student Center that provides even more resources for the classroom and beyond..

The CD-Rom components from the Dance and Music Arts Toolkits are now available online!
  • World of Dance and Music: An interactive social studies/arts resource showcasing music and dance from many cultures.
  • A World of Music: A music world tour plus videos and activities to explore instruments, the element of music, songwriting, and more.

We also have KET Arts iBooks!

  • Beauty of Jasmine-Chinese music and dance concert is on PBS LearningMedia and is also an iBook .
  • The Visual Arts Toolkit: Arts & Culture section has been adapted to an iBook.
  • Little Rabbits is a new beautifully illustrated iBook that is adapted from a Chinese folktale.

Chinese Culture

The Chinese story “The Little Rabbits” has elements of the Western stories “Little Red Riding Hood” and “The Three Little Pigs.” Mama rabbit leaves her three little rabbits at home alone while she goes out. She warns her little rabbits to not open the door for anyone. A wolf overhears the mother’s warning and tries to trick the little rabbits. They aren’t fooled and outsmart the wolf. Also an iBook - see above.

A State Divided: Exploring the Civil War Through Images

A State Divided: Exploring the Civil War Through Images includes 75 images related to the Civil War in Kentucky, ranging from medals and photographs to portraits and weapons. This resource was produced as a partnership of the Kentucky Historical Society and KET. The goal is to provide images of artworks, artifacts, photographs, and source documents that can be used to teach social studies and arts and humanities.
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Japanese Culture: Noh Theater

Noh Theater is a form of Japanese drama performed in masks and costumes. Noh performances are traditionally all day and feature a play from each of the five categories; God, Warrior, Woman, Deranged, and Demon. Each category has a specific mask and costume.The shite performs the main role. The waki plays supporting roles. And the kyogen kata role is to explain the play to the audience.Noh plays are performed on a square stage with four pillars at its corners and a simple pine tree painted on the back of the stage. A chorus of up to eight members sits at the right side of the stage and the instrumentalists sit at the back of the stage.

Special KET Collections in PBS LearningMedia

Now online—Arts Toolkit video segments accompanied by background essays, discussion questions, and activity idea. Check out collections on Integrated Teaching, Native American Culture, African/African-American Culture, Early America, Arts in the Renaissance, Japanese Culture, Drama Based on Historical Characters, Kentucky Appalachian Culture, and The Civil War Era.

PBS Digital Studios

Explore our collections curated towards design and innovation, social studies, and even popular culture, with many more subjects that highlight the cross-disciplinary, exciting topics that have made Digital Studios such a powerful classroom resource.

More from PBS LearningMedia

  • Life in a Native Kentucky Village - The scenes in this rollover interactive for grades 5-8, adapted from a mural at the Wickliffe Mounds State Historic Site museum, depict typical village life of Native American Indians of the Mississippian culture. The village was occupied from 1100 AD until about 1350 AD.

  • Picturing America - exploring America's past through art, grades 6-12.
  • Social Studies and World History through Music and Dance - When students are learning about world cultures and global issues, infuse some engaging art content into your lessons with this collection of videos that focus on folk music and dance from around the globe that either maintains a tradition, or adapts customary traditions with contemporary styling. Grades 3-12
  • Civil Rights - This collection captures the voices,images, and events of the Civil Rights movement and the ongoing struggle for racial equality in America.
  • Daily News Story - PBS NewsHour Extra helps teachers and students identify the who, what, when, where and why-it-matters of major national and international news stories. In partnership with PBS LearningMedia, we are proud to bring you the Daily News Story which takes the best of the PBS NewsHour news program and pairs it with discussion questions, lesson plans and stories developed specifically for students.
  • Native American Heritage - Take a fascinating look at Native American art, history, and culture as told through the historians, artists, students, and scientists in this featured resource collection.

Kentucky in the Classroom

We now have a Kentucky collection on PBS LearningMedia: Kentucky in the Classroom. This is where you will find all things about Kentucky to implement into your cross-curricular instruction.

High School Arts and Humanities Distance Learning Course

Arts in Culture teaches history and appreciation of visual and performing arts and meets the one credit graduation requirement for Kentucky students. This multimedia-rich course includes an engaging mix of printed materials, video segments, photographs, podcasts, and interactive games. The assignments and formative and summative assessments are tied to higher order thinking skills and foster creativity, communication, and collaboration in a virtual environment.

This course is also available for dual HS/college credit (Morehead State University). To learn more about enrollment and other Distance Learning course offerings, click here.

Kentucky Muse on KET

Kentucky Muse: This profile of Murray, Kentucky-based artist Dale Leys, explores his inspiration from nature and science, his work as a professor at Murray State University, and the diverse works he has created over a career spanning more than 40 years.


This series explores why people dance, the elements of dance, dance styles, dance in a multicultural and historical context, and dance as an art form. It uses performances, archival photographs and footage, and interviews to capture dance’s emotion and energy and to stimulate students’ interest, understanding, and appreciation.

Kentucky Arts Partnership Grants from the Kentucky Arts Council.

The Kentucky Arts Partnership grant provides unrestricted operating support to arts organizations to ensure that year-round participation in the arts is available to the people of Kentucky. The amount funded is derived from a formula based on the organization’s operating revenues, the panelists’ assessment of the application and the funds available for the program.

These grants can be applied toward field trip expenses and artist residencies.

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