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May 22, 2020

From Pastor Linda

Greetings to OLCC,P friends and families,

Here we are at the end of May, celebrating Memorial Day weekend 2020 as we again connect with you in worship on Sunday! What a journey we have traveled over the past few months to arrive on the cusp of summer with questions, excitement, and hope for a healthy summer! Memorial Day is a day we celebrate those who have given much for our! Though we might live in a world that at times is scary and full of anxiety, we may have hope, faith, and God's grace filling up our hearts because, we know the greatest one who gave His life for all of us is Jesus.

Next weekend Saturday, May 30th we will be having a "Clean Up" day at the church. During the clean up time we will also be collecting items for Open Door! If that is not enough, Saturday evening, May 30th we will share in a virtual Coffee House with guest, Rufus Harris! What a great day we have planned ahead.

Children of God, do not loose sight of God working and being in the midst of every moment of every day. We have designed a world that we believe should look a certain way. However, what if we allow God to work in this new world we find ourselves in, changing our hearts and refreshing how we think, believe and are willing to love others!

"Life Rebooted", our sermon series, focuses this week on the book of Jonah. God is working in the lives of a multitude of characters, tugging on their hearts to bring them to Him. God pulled on Jonah's' heart over and over to move that "hard heart" of his to a more open and kind place! See you virtually this weekend to explore Jonah more!


Pastor Linda

Order of Worship and Service for May 24

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Pray for one another...

Continued healing and health for: Fiona Bell, John Brannon, Nancy Burton, Ron Carlson, Rebecca Caufield, Tom Conrad, Peter Cooper, Alan Coopland, Irene Guymer, Harold Jacobsen, Herbert Jarvie, Jackie Johnson, Larry Lankford, Nina Linebaugh, Donna Malenowski, Jim Mann, Bill Marvin, Trudy Morse, Bill & Joyce Pitchford, Sarah Robertson Nadeau, Jack Rothley, Greg Sables, Candy Sacharski, Dara Sperstad, Melanie Telford, Doris Wiegert, Morgen Wright, Madie Zurkan.

Birthday Recognitions

Several of our members have “milestone” birthdays this month, a month where birthday gatherings are not taking place. You are encouraged to consider sending cards to these folks to help them celebrate their special days during May!

Don Schimmel - 90, birthday - May 29, 1930


Don Schimmel

7453 Locklin

West Bloomfield, Michigan 48324

Spring Clean Up Day, May 30, 8:00 a.m.-Noon

Since the Stay Home Order has been extended to the 28th, the date for the Spring Clean Up Day has been changed to May 30th.

Open Door Donations May 30th

We will be receiving donations for Open Door Food Pantry on Saturday May 30th at the church. You can drop off your donations at the front entrance between 8 a.m. and 12 noon while the Clean Up Day is taking place (if it’s raining, we’ll still receive the food donations that day). Non-perishable food items are welcome, especially sliced bread, rice, spaghetti noodles, canned soups, and crackers. Thank you for continuing to support those who are in need during these challenging times!

Lakeside Coffeehouse, May 30 at 7:00 p.m.

On Saturday, May 30th at 7:00 p.m. there will be a virtual Lakeside Coffee House with Rufus Harris.

Click here for a preview.

“Take the vocal and melodic sound of Seal; add a little funk; guitar work like Toto; bundled with a spiritual focus; and you have - Rufus Harris.”

For more about Rufus, visit his website here, rufusharris.com

Face Mask Offer

Greetings to all. Hope you are all well and safe. To be safer we are all asked to wear non-surgical masks when in public. I have been making masks and would like to share them with you. I will be putting them on my porch for your pick up. These are made from fabrics out of my closets so the prints are what they are.

If you have a tightly woven, 100% cotton fabric that you would like to donate, there will be a bin for that. Please put your mane on it so if it isn't used, it can be returned.

Please call before you come so I can tell you if there are some available or when they will be. I will leave them on my porch.

Helene King

5255 Greer Rd.

West Bloomfield (directly across from Grectchko school}


From Pastor Paul – Email Fraud:

If you receive an email message similar to this supposedly from me, or ones asking you to purchase gift cards, it is a fraud. Please do not respond!

Thursday Classes

9:30 a.m. and 7:15 p.m. – ONLINE!

“Minor Prophets and the least read Bible Books”.

Here is a list of the BIBLE Books we will be studying and discussing for the Spring of 2020

These are considered the MINOR Prophets:

Zepheniah May 28, 2020

Click here to email John Vermeulen for a Zoom Invitation

This page has tutorials in case you have not used Zoom before or need help

From Martha Piesko, Director of Children's Ministries

Dear OLCC,P Families,

The following is a list of tech free, faith forming, and fun activities for families to do at home (courtesy of the Association of Presbyterian Christian Educators, APCE).

Begin with a clear container. Get a sheet of paper and cut it into strips. Grab a pen and write one activity idea per strip. Fold the strips and place them in the jar. Each day your children can select a strip from the jar. Use the activities that will work in your household and ad more. Let your kids come up with some ideas too.

1. Make up a dance to a song. Teach it to an adult.

2. Make up motions for the words of Joshua 19. Do them while you say the verse. Then just do the actions while you think the verse.

3. Make up a secret handshake.

4. Build a fort by draping a large bed sheet or blanket over a table or some chairs. Eat a snack and read a book inside it.

5. Play "I Spy".

6. Scavenger Hunt! How many blue things can you find in our house in 15 minutes? Make your own list and keep the game going.

7. Collect five things from nature outside. Make something with them.

8. Make a pet rock. Create a home for it.

9. Read Psalm 23 and illustrate it, either on your own or as a family mural.

10. Bake something.

11. Backwards Day! Turn your clothes around, spell and say your name backwards, and eat dessert before dinner.

12. Plan and have an indoor picnic.

13. Play hide and seek. Or hide an object for someone to find. Tell them when they are getting warmer (closer) and colder (farther) form the hidden object.

14. Make play dough.

15. Create a comic strip about your family.

16. What's your favorite book? Make up a story about what comes next after the story ends.

17. Read a Bible story. Use blocks or LEGO to build a scene from it.

18. Plan a church service for your family. Then have it in your living room.

19. Create a comic strip about a parable. (You'll find 16 parables to choose from in Luke 7-18

20. Set up an obstacle course.

21. Build a band using instruments you make from household objects. Practice. Then put on a concert for your family.

22. Build a story with a buddy. One person begins with "once upon a time" and the next person adds a sentence. Keep going, taking turns adding sentences until

you get to "the end".

23. Ask your parent to fill a baggie with 15 random thins from around the house like a paper clip, piece of foil, tissue, comb, fork, rubber band, string, coin, etc. Use only those objects to create a scene from a Bible story.

Wait a minute! How can these activities be faith forming? Only a few of them mention the Bible or involve church. Yup! That's because faith is also formed in the ordinary details of everyday life. The way you talk together, laugh together and meet the challenges together forms faith. Remember to weave wonder into your conversations about the amazing world God made. Express your gratitude for the big and the small ways in which God is providing for your family.

In addition to activities published in the E-Blast, I send out weekly lessons to our Sunday school families. Likewise, I have distributed Sunday school videos from Spark House ( the same company we use for our Rotation Sunday school and preschool programs). If you have grandchildren or know of other children who would like to receive these lessons/ activities, please send me an email. I will be sure add you to the list.

Lifetouch Directory

Due to the coronavirus and stay home orders for non-essential businesses, the OLCC,P Photo Directory printing has been delayed. The future printing date is to be determined so stay tuned.

Important Message from Forgotten Harvest

Thank you to everyone who has already signed up for the pop-up pantries. We have added 5 more sites; 4 in Detroit and 1 in Romeo. We are looking for volunteers to help collect information, direct traffic, and place boxes and groceries into car trunks. Please CLICK HERE to sign up.

The safety and well-being of our community, staff and volunteers are important to Forgotten Harvest. We are monitoring the situation and taking our lead from the Michigan Public Health Department and the CDC. Forgotten Harvest can provide PPE, which will include; gloves, face masks and optional face shields.

We are asking any person considering volunteering to please practice necessary safety precautions:

If this describes you, we are unable to have you as a volunteer:

  • If you think you are sick, please DO NOT VOLUNTEER.
  • If you have been knowingly exposed to or have been a caregiver for someone that has been diagnosed to COVID 19.
  • If you have returned from foreign travel, cruises or traveling from out of state, we ask that you refrain from volunteering for at least 14 days while you monitor your health. This is in accordance with CDC recommendations.
  • Groups more vulnerable to a dire outcome if they contract the virus include people 60 years of age or older and those with certain health conditions. We discourage these groups to not volunteer and, therefore, avoid exposure to the virus.
  • If you are under the age of 18 years of age.

It is important to stay informed as these types of situations can be dynamic. If a volunteer opportunity is not appropriate for you and if you are interested in other ways that you can help, the latest information will be on our COVID-19 response page. https://www.forgottenharvest.org/COVID19/

As always, thank you for all you do to support our mission!
Nicole Peeples, Volunteer Manager npeeples@forgottenharvest.org

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