GME Family Newsletter

September 2022

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September is Here!

We have had an AMAZING start to the 2022-2023 school year! Thank you for choosing GME! This school is filled with many amazing educators who have worked tirelessly over the past month preparing for your children! They all have been through trying times the past couple years as Covid swept through our lives; however, they withstood the hard times and are stronger for it! They are truly a gift to your children. I am confident that you and your child are in the right place. You are your child's #1 educator! We are your partners in their education. It takes all of us working together to give your children the best possible outcome!

Initial testing and assessment is underway for all PreK-6th grade students. Assessment results will be shared with you at the 1st parent conference which will be held in October. All assessment data is used to plan for instruction. If you have any questions about assessments and/or testing, please contact your child's teacher.

Superintendent Wright has called all of us to "BE PRESENT!" How? Stay in contact with your child's teacher. Show up for events at the school. Come to a PTO meeting. Volunteer your time. Help support the needs of the classroom. Join the ILT or LSDMC. Help your children with their homework every night. Get your children to school on time each day. Make sure your children get a good night's sleep. Advocate for your children! And, so much more!

Follow this LINK to REPORT an ABSENCE!

Please reach out if you need anything! My email is or you can call the main office at 513-363-9600! We are all in this together! We need each other!

Thank you for being a part of our GME community!

Mrs. Ridley

GME Vision & Mission

GME Vision Statement

Our vision is for all children to reach their full potential, empowered by the Montessori philosophy and method, to become community and world influencers.

GME Mission Statement

Gamble Montessori Elementary is committed to the Montessori philosophy and method. We are committed to developing the whole child, treating others the way we wish to be treated and empowering the child to maximize his/her own potential by meeting and/or exceeding the standards set forth by the State of Ohio.

September Events - Dates & Times

September 5th - Labor Day - NO SCHOOL

September 7th - Wednesday Folders Home

September 8th - PreK, K & 1st Grade Health Screenings at GME

September 8th - Girl Scout Meetings 4:00 PM & 6:00 PM

September 8th - Camp Joy 4th-6th Parent Meeting 6:00-7:00 PM Room 2201

September 11th - Family Work Day at GME 10:00 AM-1:00 PM

September 12th - Midterm Week begins

September 12th - CPS Board of Education Meeting - 5:30 PM - Education Center

September 14th - PTO Meeting - 5:30 PM - Room 1115

September 19th - CPS Board of Education Meeting - 5:30 PM - Education Center

September 20th - LSDMC Meeting - 4:00 PM - Room 1115

September 20th - SIBLING Application Begins for Montessori PreK & K spots for 2023-2024

September 21st - Midterm Grades in Wednesday Folders

September 21st - Districtwide LSDMC Meeting 6:00 PM

September 22nd - Autumn begins!

September 23rd - Fire Drill #2

September 26th - NO SCHOOL - Professional Development Day for Teachers

September 27th - GME Tour for Prospective Families - 9:30 AM

September 30th - GME Work with Me Day - 9:00-10:00 AM

September 30th - GME Walkathon Kick-off - 8:45 AM - Auditorium

October 3rd-5th - Montessori 9-12 to Camp Joy

Our Resource Coordinator - Samantha Messmer

Samantha Messmer is our NEW Resource Coordinator! Sam has been a part of the GME community for a few years. She has served as a volunteer, a super sub and a teacher during Summer Scholars. This summer, our lead agency shifted from Learning through Art, Inc. to the YMCA. The LSDMC conducted interviews of numerous candidates and Sam was chosen for the job! Our community is very fortunate to have Sam working in this role. She has already secured these programs for our children: Webby Dance, Spanish Club, Bearcat Buddy Tutors, Elder HS Tutors, Scouts and so much more! Sam will be sending more information soon regarding all programs! She can be reached via email at

*GME Athletics are in the works too! Yippee!!

Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health - GCB - Mental Health Provider at GME

GCB is our Mental Health Provider. There are currently two full-time therapists, one intern & one family support specialist on staff at GME. GCB is here to support our children in any way they can! Reach out to your child's teacher if you are interested in pursuing mental health support for your child. We are here to support in any way we can!

Ms. Michaela Flowers - Therapist

Ms. Erin Morehead - Therapist

Ms. Anne Haubner - Intern

Mr. Floyd Johnson - Family Support Specialist

Arrival & Dismissal Reminders

Thank you for making our arrival and dismissal run so smoothly! Placing your green or yellow card on your dashboard allows Mr. Lynn to direct traffic with ease. Driving slowly helps keep all of us safe - especially the children! Your patience is appreciated. Remember, if you do not wish to use the carline service, you can let your child's teacher know that you will park at the park, walk down and pick up your child at the front of the building. There is a section for "Walk-Up, Pick-Up" children!

A couple reminders: Please stay in the line until you reach the big light post at the top of our property. This will help keep traffic running in and out without any collisions. Give yourself enough time in the morning to safely make it through the drop-off line! THANK YOU for helping us get it done!

Devices - Fully Charged & Ready to Go at School Everyday!

All children have received a device from CPS. Devices can travel from home to school and back again OR the children can leave them at school. Please contact your child's teacher to let them know your plan! Regardless, all devices should be fully charged and ready to be used at the school daily. Please do not remove the labels from the computers, chargers and/or the carrying case. If you have any questions about devices, please contact your child's teacher.

Montessori SIBLING Application Period - September 20, 2022-October 28, 2022

Is your child in the Preschool-6th Grade Montessori program at GME? Do you have a child who will be a preschooler OR kindergartener next school year? If you answered "yes" to these two questions, you are able to apply in the Sibling Application period which begins September 20th! Please come to the main office beginning September 20th and fill out a sibling application for preschool or kindergarten. We are currently only accepting PREK & KINDERGARTEN children for 2023-2024!

GME PTO Meeting

Wednesday, Sep. 14th, 5:30pm

2700 Felicity Place

Cincinnati, OH

Come join the GME PTO! Be a part of fundraising, event planning and so much more! We hope to see you there!

GME Work with Me Day

Friday, Sep. 30th, 9-10am


Come work with your children in their classroom! Have 2 or 3 children? That's ok, split up your hour among them! See what Montessori looks like in action!

9-12 Parent Meeting - Camp Joy!!

Thursday, Sep. 8th, 6-7pm

Room 2201

All 9-12 parents/guardians should attend this very important meeting! The 9-12 teachers will share all of the details and important information about the amazing experience the children will have at Camp Joy! Please mark your calendars!