Peter The Greats Facebook Page

By Pennie Papamichael


  • Birthdate: June 9, 1672 in Russia
  • Curious and wants to learn more about new and interesting things.
  • Open to new experiences.
  • Harsh if things don't go according to plan.
  • Uses terror in many situations.
  • Took the throne in 1682 but didn't actually control the government until 1689.
  • Strict and sometimes cruel...



  • Wants Russia to have great power.
  • Wants to learn more about Western Culture by experiencing it.
  • Wants to Westernize Russia and make it more modern.
  • Strengthen the military, expand Russia's borders, and take control of royal power.
  • Worked to build Russia's military power.


  • Extremely strict.
  • Tried to help close the gap between Russia and the West.

Interesting Facts

"It is good to hear the subjects speaking truthfully and openly to their King".


  • Imported Western technology.
  • Improved education.
  • Simplified Russian alphabet.
  • Made academies for math, science, and engineering.