Conspiracy 365 "January"

by Gabrielle Lord

Main Characters

cal the main character of my book. he is a very adventurous guy he has long hair. he likes to research on conspiracy theories and stuff like that. Cal's mom(no name given) cals mom is very caring and likes to know what is going on in the family's life she easily cries. Gabbi (Cal's sister) Cal's sister is very nosey she is always in Cal's room. cal gets annoyed by that a lot.


cam the main protagonist of the book lives In London, and loves mystery's, conspiracy's, and theory's. his dad sends him a letter saying he's researching things about his ancestors. Cam loving mystery's goes out and tries to discover the secret of his families past. he ran through London meeting people, and discovering clues but it doesn't end there it continues in the next book Conspiracy 365 February


"Rafe had been on a holiday down south somewhere, but came back when he found out about Dad."

"'The specialists said that as dad got worse,' i explained, `the connections of the brain stopped working properly so he couldn't say or wright what he meant-all he could do is draw."

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