Magnificent Shark

Andrew Shim


Did you know that sharks can reach a maximum size of 19.7 feet and perhaps as much as 26.3 feet in length. This fascinating creatures body structure, Movement speed, and Diet are all very appealing things.


The sharks are fascinating creatures starting from the body structure, and movement speed and also the diet. The shark is a wonderful thing to learn about and is very interesting in all ways.

Think Tank


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Diorama of Great White Shark Habitat

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Go Fish

In my fish tank i decided to do a fantasy theme. I have a castle with a sunken boat at the bottom. The boat is covered with flowers and gravel. I chose to put 9 fish into my tank. The 3 are Balloon Belly Molly fish. The other 3 are Bleeding heart Terra. The tank is 20 gallons with the cost of 33$. The money I had left was 98.95.
World's Deadliest - Hammerhead Sharks