All about me

Who I Am

I am a tall male who wears a black turban. When someone first meet me I may be a little quiet, but eventually they'll see I'm actually a fairly outgoing person. Some of my interests are playing sports and video games.

Be nice to a friend

Treat your friend with the respect that you would want back

Don't hit your friend

Violence is not how to get someone to like you.

Find what you have in common

Find what you and your friend have in common to talk about

Dont be someone your not

Be yourself around your friend.

Dont steal from a friend

Weather its stealing your friend's friend or your friend's belongings- don't steal from your friend.

Important person in my life

A important person in my life is my mother because she has always supported me and worked hard for our family.

Aerospace Enigineer

In the future I would like to be an aerospace engineer because the field has always interested me and I enjoy designing stuff. Waterloo University is well known for its engineering programs and I really want to go there to get my degree.