Weekly Announcements

November 16th

Culturally Responsive Teaching

Thank you for participating in the game, BARNGA, last Tuesday. I always learn something new every time I facilitate that game. This time I thought deeper about the culture of our education system including hidden rules and routines. We have students that come to us with different languages, cultures and norms. We have expectations and rules that are unwritten and we sometimes make assumptions that students know the rules and are intentionally refusing to follow them.

I plan to be more aware of practices that I expect from children, i.e., "look at me when we are talking" and be more explicit about the reasons behind the rule "when you look at me, it let's me know you are listening." Or stepping even further out of my comfort zone and not enforcing the rule, but asking "when I am talking to you, how will I know that you are listening to me?"

You can read this article if you would like to think deeper about CRT: This one is lengthier but more detailed.


This week I made a connection with someone through our Padlet board. This RHS teacher and I have a friend in common from her childhood. So nice to get to know you all better. Here is the Padlet Question for this week. Thank you for continuing to participate. It is really helping us make connections to each other.

What is one family tradition or ritual you had as a child? What is one that you have as an adult that may be the same or different? (could be holiday but not limited to)


English Language Arts

The book sets are ready for check out! These books are to be utilized. They are very beautiful and new. They are perfect for your small group differentiation. Get students reading engaging books at their level with their peers. It is more powerful to read a book and talk about it with others. I am excited to hear how you are using this resource!

Learning Team on Tuesday

You will begin meeting on your own for learning teams on November 17th. After each meeting please email me the following:

· Your team agenda including your student learning focus and the Step that you are on in the Learning Team cycle.

· Minutes from your meeting including: the student focus, meeting discussion, and goal for next meeting.

Please email the minutes each week to me by the following Monday.

Future Ready

Make sure you schedule your 45 minute Professional Development time with Denise! You can meet as a team during your planning time once a month or you can attend an after school training with Denise. Thank you Denise!

I also put any articles I find on technology innovation on the banner! Take a look!

SMART Goal Meetings

Karla and I will meet with you and your grade level team and discuss the following:

  • What are the current levels of your students in Reading Writing and Math. How do you know? You may want to bring assessment results to support this.

  • Check progress on the curriculum maps provided, and make adjustments if necessary.

  • Strategies that you are using to differentiate your instruction for students at all levels.

  • What SIOP strategies are you using in your classrooms to address the needs of your ELL’s.

  • Progress or goals for your FUTURE Ready integration into your classrooms.

  • What are your next steps/goals to increase student learning?

  • What additional support or resources do you need to meet your SMART Goals.

Kindergarten 1:00-1:55pm

November 19

January 14

February 22

1st Grade 2:00pm - 2:55pm

November 19

January 14

February 22

2nd Grade 1:00pm - 1:55pm

November 20

January 15

February 23

3rd Grade 2:00pm - 2:55pm

November 20

January 15

February 23

4th Grade 1:00pm - 1:55pm

December 4th

January 20

February 24

5th Grade 2:00pm - 2:55pm

December 4th

January 20

February 24

Middle School Teachers, ELL Teachers, Specialists and EGC teachers please contact me for the best times to meet as a team.


Karla and Angela OUT

November 18th

SMART Goal Grade Level Meetings

November 19th Kindergarten and 1st Grade

November 20th 2nd and 3rd Grade