This week in class....

April 29th - May 3rd

Panther Day

Friday May 3rd

First Grade End of Year Testing

Monday 6th - Language Art/Reading

Tuesday May 7th - Math

Wednesday May 8th - Social Studies/Science

Field Day K-2

Thursday May 9th - 9am Conyers

1st and 2nd Grade Spring Performance

Tuesday May 14th - 6:30pm in Covington

Elementary Honors

Wednesday May 29th - 9am

End of Year Picnic

Wednesday May 29th - 11:30am

Only 21 more days of school!!

Panther Day

Friday is Panther Day! We will be going to the Presbyterian Church of the Resurrection. We will be carrying food items to contribute to their food pantry. Rev. Jones does a short presentation with them on hungry in our world. If you have not yet contributed your food items, please do so by Thursday.

We would love to have you help out on Panther Day.

Please sign and return the permission form that is in your child's red folder ASAP.

ABC's To The End Of The Year Countdown

F - 4/30 - Fun Day - More info to come.

G - 5/1 - Game Day - Bring your favorite board game to play with your friends.

H - 5/2 - Hat Day - Wear your favorite hat.

I - 5/3 - Involvement Day - Panther Day community projects.

J - 5/6 - Jump Off - The students will have lots of jump rope fun. - Bring a jump rope.

K - 5/7 - Kareoke Day - Kareoke in the gym.

L - 5/8 - Letter Day - The students will write a letter to the rising first graders.

M - 5/9 - Movie Day - The students will watch Stuart Little.

N - 5/10 - Neapolitan Day - Ice Cream Party.

O- 5/13 - Orange Day - Wear as much orange as you can.

P - 5/14 - Pajama Day - Wear your favorite pajamas.

Q - 5/15 - Queen Day - Treat your teacher like a queen day.

R - 5/16 - Read a Poem Day - Students will read many different poems.

S - 5/17 - Silly Sock Day - Wear your silly socks.

T - 5/20 - Team Day - Wear something to support your favorite team.

U - 5/21 - USA Day - Wear red, white, and blue.

V - 5/22 - Video Day - The students will watch a video that your teacher has chosen.

W - 5/23 - Water Day - More Info to come.

X - 5/24 - Exchange Autographs Day - The students will sign yearbooks.

Y - 5/28 - Year End Cleaning - Clean out your desk.

Z - 5/29 - Zip and Zoom Day - Students will zip up their bags and zoom out of here.

First Grade End of Year Test

Your child will be taking the Peachtree Academy End of Year Assessment for First Grade on May 6th, 7th, and 8th in the areas of Language Arts, Reading, Science, Social Studies and Math. This assessment was created by the first grade teachers based on the First Grade Georgia Performance Standards for Science and Social Studies and the Common Core Standards for Language, Reading, and Math. Your child will be tested over all content that was taught in these areas during first grade. Once they are graded, you will be contacting to schedule an appointment to view your child's results if you would like.

Weekly Test

Friday - Spelling Test

Spelling Words

Words that start with T

These are words that the students often misspell when writing.













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