Ecology booklet

By Matthew stamper

Ecology pg.1

Ecology: the relationship between a group and their environment.

Abiotic/Biotic pg.1

Abiotic: absence of life.

Biotic: presents of life.

Description of how abiotic parts of environment effect ecosystem: It would harm other species because it might be a food source to them.

Five levals of organization pg.2

1. organism

2. community




Ecosystem pg.2

Ecosystem: A system of relationships between organisms in a community.

How are population and community related?: a population of one species could effect another species which would effect the hole community.

producer and consumer pg.3

Producer: something that produces a product for a consumer.

Consumer: something that consumes a product.

what are the three types of consumers.

Herbivore: a consumer of plants.

Carnivore: a consumer of meat.

Omnivore: a consumer of both meat and plants.

pg.3 continued

Decomposer: a organism that decomposes something.

Example: a worm eats newspaper.

Organisms get their energy from producers.

Organisms eat to get energy.

What are the functions of?

Consumer: to consume a product.

Producer: to produce a product.

Decomposer: to decompose a product.

Niche: the function of a organism.