Blogging our Classrooms

Our Student's Future

As we look into the future of our students we see that they will need the knowledge and experience of technology. Using blogs allows us to share lessons for our students, publicize different ways to implement technology into our lessons and classrooms, and display their work.
Top 10 Reasons to Use a Blog in the Classroom

Some top bloggers:

Kathy Cassidy

Kathy is a first grade teacher from Canada. She has been blogging since 2005! As well as her own blog Kathy has a classroom blog for her students to update through out their school day/ week! Kathy has been able to connect her blog and the classroom blog to a twitter account for quick updates through out the the day. Her blogs contain videos, screencasts, and podcasts. Sometimes her class Skypes to other classes or professionals that may have the answers to her students questions. Kathy has written a book Connected From the Start: Global Learning in the Primary Grades. The book outlines how she takes first graders and connects them to the real world using technology and internet and how other educators can do the same. Kathy also includes several of the presentations she has done in Canada and the United States on the use of technology in school.

Check out great ideas below!

Telling the New Story

Andrea Cotner

Andrea is a first grade teacher from Tennessee. She is using her blog to demonstrate lessons she has created as well connect her blog to Teacher's Pay Teacher's. Teacher's Pay Teacher's (TPT) is a website the allows teachers to sell their lesson online to other Teacher's. Andrea has created several lessons using math, phonics, writing, social studies and science. She shows how to use VistaPrint to create good behavior incentives, welcome postcards for her students and even a mousepad!

Check out her clever lesson below!