Book Reflection

By: Emiliano Flores

Catching Fire

Catching Fire is a very good book, I just loved this book!!!! I loved how the auther uses so much detail that I can just see it in my head. Like she said, "The sea was so grey, from the ashes falling, so grey that it was the grey river." You can just see it by her words that you can see the river how she see's it. Also I love the twis and turns she did like at the end when Katniss broke the forcce feild and that cause the perfect diversion for Hamatch and the others managed to rescue her and Finnick. At first I thought she would have won with peeta again but the author was brillent enough to make the twist at the end. Including the part were she wakes up from her coma and she finds out peeta was captured from the capital!!!!! It was just such an amaseing book, i cant wait to read the next book.

Mocking Jay

Mocking Jay was SO AWESOME!!!! I just wish I could read more and more, I just dont want it to finish!!! I loved how the author again makes so much twist and turn that she does with the book. For example at the end were she had the capital's leader, snow, right at her paws for her to finish the job. SHE DOESNT!!! Rather than to have struck the arrow right at the guys face she shoots the rebels leader!!! That came unexpected to me. I asked myself millions of questons like why would she have done that, I was just so surptised!!!! The auther was so smart of doing that it made the book better, making the reader hungry for more, Im just sad it had to end!!!!