Komagata maru: sikh descrimination

Komagata maru

Komagata maru

Kuldeep Sing a rich business man charted a ship to go to Canada. There were 350 Sikhs on the ship,(Komagata Maru)looking for better lives that they did not have in India. Kuldeep Sing wanted to defeat the Asian Exclusion Act that the Canadian government put out. The Law states that people from Asia must pay their tickets before coming to Canada, a ship must go on a continuous journey to Canada (never stop until you reach Canada) and you must have $200 to give to the government. This was impossible for the Komagata Maru. The Komagata Maru stopped 3 times; India, to Singhai, Moji and Yohohma. Thus, the Canadian government had a reason to not allow the passengers on Komagata Maru to come to Canada. As well, most passengers did not have $200. After 2 months of fighting for human rights, the government did not agree to let the Sikhs come to Canada. Soon the komagta Maru was running out of supplies, passengers were Hungry and sick. Finally, 100 Armed police tried to board the ship, however many of the Sikhs use to be British soldiers. The police were beaten up, Once again, the government got a armed ship, pointing the ships cannons to the Komagata Maru, threatening the passengers on the Komagata Maru.

WHY: ...

The Canadian society wanted a "White man" society. The Canadian society were racist against the Sikh community. Canadians did not want different people to come to their country and change it up, such as Temples and more. The Canadian society made an excuse that Canada did not have a lot of development. Sikh people were called terrorist beacause of their beards and Turbans, mainly targeted for that reason.

Life In Canada :

Some Sikhs were allowed in Canada, however Sikhs had a bad life. Everyday Sikhs were beaten up and were forced to live in Abandoned areas. News Papers were racist against Sikhs, also Sikhs were restricted, some times to go to shops, and other necessary places needed for their lives. "White people", were not allowed to work for "non whites". Sikhs had low salaries (less money earned) and worked in log farms, built the rail way to B.C, built infrastructures and other jobs with low salaries.

We shall remember the Sikhs who came to Canada, who made this country diverse and Multicultural.


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Police trying to Board the Komagata Maru.