By : Iang Tin Thluai


Transformation are the movement of figures from one location to another location. Transformations are just like transformers, they have a figure in a location and then into another location.


Translation is a movement of a figure from one place to another by sliding up, down, left, and right. Translation figures have to be congruent. If it's not congruent then the figures are not transformations.


Reflection is a transformation where each point in a shape appears at an equal distance on the opposite side of a given line. Reflection is a mirror image of the original figure. Reflection has to be congruent too. A reflection is like a shadow too.


Rotation is a transformation that turns the figure at a fixed point. Like all of the other transformations, rotation's figures have to be congruent. If it's not congruent and it doesn't turn at a fixed point then it's not a rotation. The fixed point at which a figure is rotated is called a centre of rotation.


Congruent figures have the same size and are the same shape. Two shapes are congruent if you can "Turn, Flip, or Slide" the figure and fit the exactly as the other.