For Sale by Owner?

Columbia Title Can Help!

Columbia Title's "For Sale by Owner" Program

Here at Columbia Title we understand that selling your home can be a stressful time and that sometimes it’s necessary to sell on your own.

It’s no secret that the best and fastest way to typically sell your home is through a real estate company…but what if you just don’t have any equity in your home? What if you are selling your home to a friend or relative and never have to market it? What if a short sale is not an option? No worries, Columbia Title can help you with these situations!

We have put together a comprehensive package containing all the documentation that you will need to sell your home “For Sale By Owner”. These documents have been carefully reviewed by our attorney’s to ensure your protection!

Let Columbia Title help you with your “For Sale By Owner” transaction today!


Columbia Title, Inc. Richmond, IN

Contact Information...Simply email Elizabeth Henley to get your "For Sale by Owner" packet today!