A Little Bit Scary

By, Jack Lodowski

You may think that sir seahawk is a little bit scary, but...

  • He fly's over town to make shore every thing is ok.
  • He picks up trash around town with his wings.
  • He works at the library.
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Good Deeds

  • He picks up trash everyday.
  • He helps the city.
  • He does not litter.


  • Sir seahawk has a mother father and brother.
  • He is older than his brother by 2 years.
  • He and his brother play hockey.


  • Sir seahawk plays hockey.
  • Sir seahawk loves to read.
  • Sir seahawk loves math.

My Monsters Favorite Things

  • Sir seahawk loves to read chapter books.
  • He loves division problems.
  • He loves the kings and he plays right wing.