Digital Learning Day

February 2nd, 2016

Snow Days

As long as I am alive I will never forget my first Snow Day. I was in Kindergarten and didn't even know what a "Snow Day" was until my older brothers burst through my bedroom door.

"Paul wake up! Wake up!" they said, shaking me. My oldest brother David was holding a sled. "It's a Snow Day! No school today!"

With my heart pounding in my chest I swung myself out of bed as my other brother dragged me to the window. All was white. It was a Snow Day.

Expressing Thoughts and Feelings Through Art

One thing that art is really, really good at is giving us a way to express our thoughts and feelings. Because today is a Snow Day there are probably a lot of different thoughts and feelings going through your head--what better way to express them than through creating some art?

For your digital learning day assignment you need to...

1. Create an original work of art that captures what thoughts and emotions you're feeling on your Snow Day. Your artwork could be a drawing. A painting. A collage. A photo or set of photos edited in Snapseed. It could be a digital drawing. It could be anything! Remember that good art requires good thinking and planning. Take your time! Make this meaningful!

2. Post a picture of your artwork to our Schoology page. When you post your picture include a sentence or two explaining what thoughts/emotions influenced your artwork. There's a folder for you all called "Digital Learning Day Upload Album" and your artwork can go in there. Check out the example from Mr. Stanley!

Examples of Expressive Art from History

Mr. Stanley's Example

Big image
I did this drawing using colored pencil and white paper. The feeling I focused on is the feeling of freedom you get when you find out you have a free day. I wanted to use colors that remind me of winter and snow so I stuck with white and blue. I wanted my drawing to show a person walking in the snow and fading into a snowstorm. The sky is the same white-ish blue that the ground is. The person has no destination but is free to walk through the snow.