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Social Studies

catherine.webber@asd20.org Welcome back! I am looking forward to a GREAT new year and fresh start with my students.Students will begin the new year with a common assessment focusing on non-fiction reading skills and a Geography Bee-a friendly competition based on geography prowess.Students will return to the swing of things with the history of Judaism, India and then China...hopefully by the end of January. Wow, that's a lot to accomplish!

Language Arts


This quarter, 7th ELA will do a quick study of Poetry, and then begin a historical fiction unit using teired texts all about life in Medieval England. This unit will tie in heavily to social studies, so watch for cross-curricular connections! 7th Lit and Comp will also participate in the Medieval literature study, but the second half of their quarter will be devoted to a biography/autobiography unit that 7th ELA will see fourth quarter.

Important Dates to Know:

1/18: Poetry Terms Quiz for 7th ELA

2/1: Multiple Intelligence Projects due for 7th Lit and Comp

2/7: Book Talks due for 7th Lit and Comp

2/7: Essay due for 7th Lit and Comp

2/22: Project #1 due for 7th ELA

3/11: Project #2 due for 7th ELA

3/12: Essay due for 7th ELA

3/14: Essay due for 7th Lit and Comp

3/14 & 3/15: 7th Lit and Comp Wax Museum


christopher.hampt@asd20.orgPre-Algebra 7: Students will be expanding their understanding of proportions by investigating similar figures and how this geometry idea is tied to proportions. Similar figures will then lead us into our very extensive geometry unit which includes exploring circles and working with three dimensional shapes. This will include finding the surface and volume of a variety of three dimensional objects. We will also combing proportions and geometry into our “I have a shrinking feeling” project. Further details will be provided near the end of January.Algebra 1A: Students will be taking a hiatus from the algebra standards that we worked on extensively during the first semester and will shift our focus to 7th grade mathematics standards. We will be working on proportional relationships, geometry (finding volume and surface area), and a little bit of work with probability.


Hello 7 Burgandy Families! My name is Stephanie Canfield and I have the privilege to fill in for Mrs. Gaunce while she is out on maternity leave. I am greatly looking forward to this opportunity to share my joy of learning and the wonders of science. I believe every classroom presents a unique community of learners that vary not only in abilities, but also in learning styles. My role as a teacher is to give students the tools with which to cultivate their own knowledge and to provide a basis for life-long learning and application beyond the classroom. In addition, I will strive to meet the needs of each student so that all learners can feel capable and successful. Also, I will tie their learning into the world community and instill in the students the desire to want to know more, leading to further investigation and learning that will help students become productive, active and successful members of their community.  We will be covering the following topics this 3rd quarter:Cells, Skeletal and Muscular System, Respiratory System, Circulatory System, Digestive and Excretory System, Nutrition and the 5 Senses Stephanie Canfieldstephanie.canfield@asd20.orgThe science of today is the technology of tomorrow. - Edward Teller