Terry Fox Medical

Medical Office assistant

Dates: May

Time of Demo:


What Will You Be Teaching Me?

I will be showing you how to scan a file& update the patients record, how to fax a file and how to call a patient.


I have chosen these series of tasks because I perform them on a daily basis.

Details of The Activity


1. Look at the file and type the patients name into the search bar

2. Click on the patients name and open E chart and documents

3.Fill in the information about the file and make the scan

3. Select file from scanned files folder

4.Click update


1.Type in the fax number

2. Put file in the tray

3.Hit send and wait for the beep so you know it has gone through

Calling Patients

1. Review patient results and determine type of test

2. Find contact number and call patient

3. Ask if they have already discussed results with doctor. If not, then they can come in any time during clinic hours

Required Materials

  • fax machine
  • computer
  • scanner
  • telephone
  • patient files
  • pen