Designer Keys to Success

Business Tools for Success

My Top 10 Steps to a Successful O2 Business

  1. Voice Mail Recording: Make sure your message reflects your business. Talk slow & clear. Avoid ring back tones.
  2. Email: Business Email ONLY. Try to create with Business Name in mind. I recommend gmail from Google. Links to other emails/syncs/stores files/share files & blocks spam.
  3. Business Checking Account: Keep finances separate for ease of tax statements and avoid accounting mishaps.
  4. Business Cards: Required to order from- Personalize with unique touches.
  5. Home Office Organization System: Embrace Technology! If you don't need to keep the paper trail, don't. But, remember if your computer, smart phone's gone! So, Create-*JB Monthly Folders *Team Folder *Corporate Hard Files
  6. Car (Mobile) Office: TOM, Hostess Pack & Recruiting Packs
  7. Moving Advertisement (Car Decal): Order in Back Office under Business Supply. FOLLOW PARAGRAPH OF DIRECTIONS CLOSELY! NAME/TELEPHONE/URL
  8. Be a MODEL: Wear your O2 Bling EVERYWHERE! If you don't...they will never ask!
  9. Go "Old School": Get a Paper Calender or Planner so you can visually see your schedule for the month. Write in Pencil for easy changes.
  10. P6 and Schedule: I use a Color Key to plan my days. The GREEN highlighted days are days I MAKE GREEN!