Back to the Future

Ben Dennison

Back to the Future 2 Hits and Misses


  • Hoverboards
  • Handheld tablets
  • Motion control gaming
  • Virtual reality


  • Flying cars
  • Self drying cloths


Hoverboards, like the self tying shoes are also a reality for the next few years! the lexus hoverboard may not be as slick and as fast as marty's, it still is a very cool piece of tech.

The swegway, the handle-less segway, is a major step toward hover boards. they are motorized, and go around like a segway. who knows? Maby next year there will be hoverboards for sale!

Hoverboards are cool. They are used in many works of fiction and pop culture, such as Back to the future 2 and 3. As well as these it is used in various sonic the hedgehog video games by SEGA.

Some of the dIfferent Items from back to the future (Hits and Misses)