By: Samantha M

Fun Facts

  • Moon orbits the Earth
  • The Moon is smaller then Earth
  • The Moon has craters s and bumps
  • 4 Moons = 1 Earth
  • The Moon has long days
  • The Moon makes tides

Moons Orbit

The Moon orbits Earth. It orbits because of gravity. Gravity is when a large object pulls on a smaller one. Like we get pulled to Earth. Earth is larger then the Moon so we pull on the Moon. Because gravity works our Moon orbits Earth.

Tides, Size, and Light

Earth has tides because the Moon pulls on the water. The Moon has a gravitational pull on Earths water so we can have high and low tides. The size of the Moon is 1,079 miles (1,737)

The Moon has no light of its own. It gets light off the sun.