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Problems Desertification Is A World Wide Thing!

Desertification is a problem that results not in an actual desert but in dry lifeless soil. This soil is a problem because African Farmers need food and so do animals so when the ground won't grow plans the animals starve destroying the ecosystem.


Well as seen under the solutions there is a video of Allan Savory about desertification. He says in all his life while researching that he'd killed 40,000 elephants to stop desertification. And this made desertification work After that Him and his Researchers spent years to discover that Herds of animals helped the landscape. The herds waste was stomped into the ground and on the trampled plants giving nutrients to the soil and the plants. This results in Plants being to grow because the waste gave nutrients into the soil and the plants could grow and loosen the soil. This is a good thing because when desertification it results in tightly packed soil. It's called desertification because that packed soil wont absorb water so we need you to donate at the link at the bottom of the page. SAVE THE WORLD WE DON'T NEED TO BE A DESERT!
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