Manic Depression (Bipolar Disorder)

Patrick Warren Health-6 10/16/15


Bipolar was first discovered by Aretaeus of Cappadocia. He noticed sudden mania and depression and thought they must be linked. His findings were unnoticed until 1650. A scientist named Richard Burton wrote a book called "The Anatomy of Melancholia." He is now known as the father of depression.


Bipolar disorder will mean you have severe and rapid mania and clinical depression cycles. Mania Is a state in which you are very excited, jumpy, and will not need as much sleep as normal. Clinical depression is when you are feeling hopeless, lost, and helplessness.

Don't let Bipolar ruin your day, instead embrace it and you'll be OK.

Treatments and Medication

Treatment for bipolar disorder includes medicine and a lot of psychotherapy. One medication is SEROQUEL XR. This medication is mainly for adults. SEROQUEL XR balances out unbalanced chemicals that cause mania and clinical depression. Lithium is another medication for bipolar disorder. Salts in it act as mood-stabilizing drugs.


There are many causes of bipolar disorder. Excessive stress and genetic abnormalities are most common. You can also develop bipolar disorder through different brain structure than other people.


Depression: loneliness, fear, emptiness, and sadness.

Mania: Decreased need for sleep, extreme excitement, and slurred speech.


Most people develop bipolar disorder around 25 years of age. Though many people develop it in their child hood and as late as their 50's, bipolar is mostly developed at age 25. Most bipolar cases are with girls.