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April 2019

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Mark Your Calendars!

4/1 Spring Planting Day

4/2 Bagels and Books; High School Expo

4/5 Bagels and Books

4/10 Healthy Earth, Healthy You!

4/11 Bloom with Inspire

4/12 LP8 Ends - Work Samples and Attendance Due

4/18 Garden Crafts in the Park

Please scroll down for more info on each event!

Please join us at one of the park days below, and bring a friend who may be interested in homeschooling with Inspire!

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Bagels and Books Park Day at Hilltop Community Park - details in link below!

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Work Samples and Attendance~ Due Friday, April 12th

The end of LP 8 is Friday, April 12th. Attendance as well as samples are due to your homeschool teacher on this day. Work samples are a great opportunity for you to share some of the amazing things your student is doing. Because these samples are the portfolio that demonstrates proof of work for your student, be sure what you submit is clear, complete, and includes the needed information. Just a few reminders about samples:

  • For TK-8 grade students, one sample must be provided from Language Arts, Math, Science OR Social Studies (History)
  • For High School students, one work sample for each course must be provided
  • On each work sample, the following information MUST be included: First and Last Name of student, sample completion date (must be within the learning period), and proof of parent review (grade, percentage, fraction, etc).

More information about work samples can be found HERE on the San Diego Parent Resource site, including templates for photo samples.

Do you have a student approaching High School? Check out our High School Expo and our virtual Info Sessions to help answer any questions you might have!

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2019 - 2020 School Year Enrollment

Enrollment for NEW Inspire students opened on March 1st for the 2019-20 school year. Funding for opting out of the Online Subscription Package increased from $250 to $400! For returning Inspire students, you will re-register with you teacher later in the 2018-2019 school year.
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Practice Test Video

Would you like your child to take a practice test before taking the SBAC in the spring? Please watch this quick video explaining how to navigate the practice test website.

Anxious about testing? Check this out!

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The Princess Project has a wonderful program that donates prom dresses to High School students. Please see the information below, and pass it on to anyone who might benefit from this wonderful program!

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Looking for Fieldtrips?

If you are looking to join other Inspire families on field trip studies, don't forget to visit our fieldtrip website, which is updated regularly with upcoming activities.

Curriculum Resources


The Periodic Table Game

Student Handout

Teacher Handout

The Periodic Table Game is a fun way for students to familiarize themselves with how the periodic table is organized, and to explore all 118 known elements on the periodic table plus the physical and chemical properties that can be used to identify them. All living organisms on Earth, as well as everything that has mass and volume in the universe, are made up of atoms of these elements. Moreover, many of these elements have a number of medical applications as they may serve as essential components of organic macromolecules, necessary catalysts in important biochemical reactions, targets for pharmaceutical research, or even toxins that disrupt many biological functions. The object of this game is for students to guess the correct element on the periodic table given a set of clues. The clue cards for each element contain a set of characteristics that pertain to that element. Although many elements have no known biological function, the majority of the elements will have clues that apply to the medical field.


Many of you are studying ancient Chinese culture this month. Check out this site for some really great facts, stories, and art projects to go along with your learning!! It covers history of China including dynasties, battles and timelines. It also discusses day to day life and describes clothing worn and stories told. Check out information about famous people while you're at it!


MathUSee has a section on their site where you can practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Students who know their math facts breeze through their math problems with ease. It is important to practice facts daily until mastery is present. You will click on the Online Drill Page and then click on Start the Online Drills Application. You will be able to choose from addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The best thing about this is that you can customize within each category exactly what your child needs to practice most. Check it out.

Language Arts

Check out these great resources for typing and computers that will help your student with day to day school work and state assessments.

KeyBlaze Typing

KeyBlaze is a free typing tutor software program that allows you to start with basic lessons and then move on to practice lessons including poetry, prose and drills. KeyBlaze also features a typing test. The small program downloads quickly, creating a shortcut on your desktop. It has a simple interface—very easy to use. Download required.


You’ll find a Computer Basics learning module here that covers (among other things) the mouse, keyboard, and word processing. Good for primary grades. Starts with mouse instruction.

Suggestions? Feedback?

If you have suggestions or feedback on how we can help to support you in your homeschooling journey, let us know!