VCR Lesson 1 Presentation

Brooke Drury

Fill in the Blank With the Most Appropriate Word from Lesson 7

Sir Walter Scott concludes his novel The Tailsman with the ( ) of two natural enemies when the Christian Crusader Richard Lionheart acknowledges that the code he follows is less honorable than that of the Muslim Saracen Saladin.
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The Word

Rapprochement (n.)

1.Reconciliation; restoration of cordial relations, especially between two countries


approcher (F.) "to approach"


appropiare (L.) "to adapt"

The word Rapprochement has its roots from Old French and Late Latin.


  • agreement
  • reconciliation
  • cooperation


  • disagreement
  • conflict
  • disarray

Example Sentences

  • The United States, under President Nixon, reached rapprochement with the People's Republic of China in 1972.
  • After the Revolutionary War, the countries of America and England soon came to rapprochement during a period known as The Great Rapprochement.
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Choose the Letter of the best Synonym for the Word in Bold-Faced Type.

rapprochement at the peace talks

a) acquiescence

b) discussion

c) hostility

d) reconciliation

e) neighborliness

The correct answer is D. Although E, neighborliness may seem like its a good answer, rapprochement is more about coming to an agreement than being friendly to one another.