Dolphin Tales 2

WINTER's amazing true has HOPE.

By: Tiffany Sinn

The Summary about Dolphin Tale 2

Dolphin Tales 2 is a realistic Fiction book written by Gabrielle Reyes. It takes place in Tampa Bay, Florida at an Aquarium named, “Clearwater Marine Aquarium.” Some of the characters in this story are Sawyer, Dr. Clay, Winter (dolphin), Hope (dolphin), Hazel, Dr. McCarthy, Kat, Phoebe, and Lorraine. This story’s theme is, when one door closes, another one opens. This story is about two dolphins that go through hard times, but in the end they live happily ever after.

There are many problems that happen in this story. First, Pamela the dolphin dies, which makes Winter the dolphin very lonely. Then the aquarium gets a letter from the state saying that they need to put Winter in with another dolphin so that she doesn’t get depressed. If they didn’t do it soon then they would have to send Winter to a different aquarium that had another dolphin that could get paired with her. This was all a big problem until one day, a couple weeks later when the aquarium got a call saying that there was a baby dolphin that had got washed onto the shore without its mother and that it needed rescued, and quick! Dr. Clay ran to his truck with the rest of his crew and quickly drove to the beach. After a couple of days the baby dolphin, later named Hope, was doing great. Dr. Clay knew that the time was short before the state was going to have to take Winter away so later that day he called a meeting with all of the Clearwater Marine Aquarium staff. He ended the meeting with saying that they were going to have to try to pair Hope and Winter quickly. After many failed attempts they were about ready to give up right when Sawyer had an idea. He said, “Why don’t we try to put on Winter’s prophetic tail, it will get her tail a more natural look since that it what seems to be scaring Hope the most!”

The next day Dr. McCarthy brought in the new prophetic tail that he had stayed up until 2 am making. Then Sawyer and Kat fitted it onto Winter, while Phoebe was in the other pool playing with Hope. Moments later they were all ready! They lifted the gate that separated the two pools and watched quietly. The two came face to face, but soon adapted to each other. Then, they both started splashing around and playing! It had worked! Now Winter could stay at the aquarium! In conclusion, they both are still today living their happy lives at that same aquarium in Florida!

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Theme: When one door closes. Another one opens.

I believe that this fits the theme for this story because of many different reasons. First off, when Pamela died everyone was very sad, but then Hope the baby dolphin came along and kind of "replaced" Pamela. Another example that shows this theme is when they found Winter and realized that they were going to have to amputate her flukes and tail off, there was also a great opportunity for Dr. McCarty to find out how to make a prosthetic tail for Winter. Both of these examples show why this fits the theme.
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How the setting affects the plot

The setting of Dolphin Tales 2 affects the plot in many ways. If the story didn’t take place in an aquarium then there would’ve been no way that Winter and Hope would’ve met each other because they both met each other at Clearwater Marine Aquarium. If the story hadn’t have took place in Florida then the aquarium wouldn’t have gotten the chance to take care of Winter nor Hope because they were both found in the ocean in Florida. If the story hadn’t taken place at this time then the aquarium probably wouldn’t have had all of the equipment that they needed to take care of Hope and Winter, therefore Hope and Winter would’ve probably both died. All of these are examples of how the setting of this story affects the plot.

Point of View

Dolphin Tales 2 is written from a 3rd person omniscient point of view. This story is read by a narrator and in this story you can see everyone's thoughts. If this story wasn't 3rd person omniscient then you wouldn't be able to see anyone else's thoughts or feelings. That is important because when Dr. Clay found out that Winter might get sent away nobody else like Sawyer or Hazel or Kat, or Phoebe even knew about it yet. Also, I got to see how Dr. Clay felt about it even before Sawyer or any of the others had heard about the sad news. This shows that it was important to know the feelings and thoughts of everyone in this story.

Antagonists and Protagonists

Dolphin Tales has a lot of protagonists, but not a lot of antagonists. You will see that all of the protagonists work together in this story while the antagonist works against them. Sawyer was a protagonist. He was determined. The first time they tried to put Winter and Hope together and it didn’t work he didn’t give up, instead he worked harder! Then, when he heard about Winter getting sent to a new aquarium he was the one that came up with the idea that they should put Winter and Hope together. Also, when Winter was depressed because of loneliness Sawyer went to her pool every day and played with her. Hazel was another protagonist. She was responsible because when she and Sawyer found the baby turtle tangled in the fish net she knew what to do and she took care of it. Also, when they released the turtle her father, Dr. Clay, put her in charge of everything and she handled it well. Lastly, when the pelican kept irritating the turtle while it was trying to sleep she locked the bird outside so that the turtle could sleep in peace. Dr. Clay was the last protagonist, he was cautious. First of all, when they rescued Hope he examined her closely and said, “She is very little, therefore since she was found without a mother she cannot be released back into the wild because she will not be able to catch fish for herself.” This shows that he was cautious of Hope’s future. Next, when the vet came and checked all of the animals Dr. Clay told her to take a careful examine on Hope to make sure that her sunburn was getting healthier. Finally, when he found out that Winter was going to be sent to a different aquarium he was careful not to tell Hazel or Sawyer until he felt the time was right so that he didn’t crush them. This showed that he was cautious of others, too.

The antagonist in this story was the inspector (he had no name). He was very stubborn. An example of this is when Dr. Clay asked if he could have a few more weeks to come up with another dolphin for Winter. He said on page 132, “No! That is simply not an option!” Then, when Dr. Clay called the inspector back to tell him that they had found another dolphin that could be paired with Winter, he was very snippy on the phone because he knew that if he transferred Winter to another aquarium it would make him rich. Lastly, Dr. Clay said, “That inspector… he is always finding problems in this aquarium!” In conclusion, you can see that some of these characters worked together while others did not.

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The conflict in the story was when they put Winter and Hope together for the first time and they fought until Sawyer and Dr. Clay separated them into different pools. This was a external conflict because it happened outside of the body and it is character vs. character.
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