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Walking 'En Plein-air' with an Ipad - @WalkingPaint

J.A.C Lake District Tour: May 2013

5 Days of Pure Joy

The Lake District is a Jewel in the Crown of the English Countryside. The relatively close proximity of the mountain ranges to each other and the sea ensures that weather fronts paint the hills, mountains and lakes in a rapidly changing light. To stay in one spot and watch the light move over its vista is like watching a beautifully constructed movie play out before your eyes. And what is more important it is free.

It was a wonderfully relaxing adventure I have taken many times- but this time I took some additional kit (my Ipad) via which I was able to render paintings of the Lakes 'en plein-air', in addition to my pencil sketches. The results of which can be seen below. I hope you enjoy them. It was a pleasure creating them. To see the paintings hover your mouse over the paintings and click the spyglass symbol.

Please undertake the Tour yourself, you will enjoy it. Below the paintings are some useful links. And if you need any more information just get in touch.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3 & 4

Day 4 & 5

J.A.C. Welsh Mountain Tour: March 2013

Touring Wales

It is difficult for me to see myself as others do. They see me as artist who has a love of the outdoors. I see myself as a walker with a painting problem: in that it is difficult to walk when your are regularly compelled to stop and paint what you see. Nowadays life is made easier by the fact that create periods are less obtrusive: as painting with Ipad consumes a third of the time that it hitherto has done.

I was recently inspired to undertake a 5 day walking trip in Wales after visiting Turner Painting exhibition at the National Museum in Cardiff. On my way out I picked up a guide book: Mountain Wales. On reviewing this wonderful guide I thought, 'why not take your Ipad for a walk'. So I did. The Ipad paintings the journey inspired are shown below and referenced to the pages in the guide book.

I am pleased to report that the Ipad had a wonderful time and so did I. If you take the same journey be assured you will to.

P.S. Go prepared. I chose to travel from South to North Wales during the coldest winter in 30 years and was thankful for some prior preparation and planning.

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